Would you happen to know if the DVDVR message board is dead?

The subject line pretty much says it all. For the past month or so, the DVDVR board has been going through random periods of being down for a day or two before coming back online. The powers that be stated it was just the general server issues but that it would be fine. However, the board's now been down for about a week, which is much longer than normal. Being that your blog and the DVDVR board are pretty much my main two sources of wrestling discussion, this recent turn of events sucks. I was wondering if you or anyone else might know if the board is now gone for good.
Please don't you and the blog disappear either.

I have no idea about the DVDVR status.  Mine is Blogger, and if BROCKAMANIA 2012 couldn't bring down this version of the blog, there's nothing I can conceive of doing it.  Plus I've still got Scotsman's server as an emergency backup if need be, although it would have to be a severely scaled down version of WordPress if I ever needed to go back there again.  So short answer, have no fear about this blog going anywhere anymore.  
Anyway, if Dean or anyone else on the Death Valley board is reading, can you offer an update for people?