Night of Champions Predix

I won't be watching this one tonight, and that's not much of a loss.  Quick predictions?

– Punk retains over Cena again, setting up the HITC rematch.
– Bryan & Kane must win the tag titles.  Suggested names elsewhere have included No Chants In Hell, No-va-Kane, Team Hell No, and Team Friendship.  All of these are reasons why they need the titles.  
– Don't care who wins the battle royale, but it'll likely be Ryback winning and then getting the belt, even though it's too soon to have any impact that way.  Either that or Brodus wins the battle royale and gets taken out by Leapin' Damian Sandow (is that feud still a thing?), leading to Ryback making the surprise Ultimate Warrior title challenge to Honky Tonk Cesaro.  
That's all I got for this one.