Smackdown – September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012
Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Michael Cole, Josh Matthews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
at the final show before Night fo Champions and here on Smackdown,
there isn’t much to get excited about. Sheamus vs. Del Rio is
happening again and I don’t think many people were interested in it
at first, let alone a second match. Now that we’re at the third
match, it’s beyond scraping the bottom of the barrel. Other than
that we still need an IC Title opponent for Miz. Let’s get to it.

open with a video on how barbaric the Brogue Kick is, followed by
clips from the deposition on Monday. Some of the Jewish humor is
left out here. Also, Sheamus kicked Otunga’s head off on Monday.
Ricardo and Del Rio are in the ring with the first two wearing neck
braces. Del Rio is glad the Brogue Kick has been banned and Ricardo
thanks his mom and cries. Otunga says that he’s an officer of the
court while Sheamus is a hooligan, but he’ll recover from the kick on
Monday. Del Rio says we have someone else who is a victim of the
kick and we get a clip from last year with Christian getting kicked
at Night of Champions.
pops up on screen with his arm in a sling. Allegedly he just had
shoulder surgery which I haven’t heard of before this. Otunga talks
about how Christian was a victim but Christian cuts him off.
Christian doesn’t like Del Rio or Otunga and he isn’t doing this for
himself or Del Rio, but for the boys in the back. He was a two time
world champion last year and the Brogue Kick derailed him. The
Brogue Kick should stay banned according to Christian.
brings out Daniel Bryan who is still having issues with not getting
angry at the fans. Bryan is here to thank Del Rio but the fans chant
goat face at him. That sets him off and he says he looks like this
because Sheamus has kicked him in the face so many times. Booker has
granted him a Wrestlemania rematch tonight so that Bryan can right
the wrongs of that night.
goes on another rant against the fans when the champ comes out.
Somehow he ties this into finding out that his aunt was actually his
uncle and says that it wasn’t the Brogue Kick that beat Bryan but
rather Sheamus himself. Sheamus gets on the apron and guillotines
Otunga on the top rope, pulling off the neck brace in the process.
Cara vs. The Miz
here. Cara just slides into the ring now instead of any kind of dive
at all. The lights are all colored again. Miz suplexes him down but
Cara sends him to the floor a few seconds later. Cara tries to
charge at him but runs into a forearm to take him down as we take a
break. Back with Miz holding a chinlock as the fans give what sounds
like a golf clap to Cara. Miz pounds away on the mat and in the
corner, followed by the corner clothesline and the double ax off the
top for two.
to the chinlock but the following corner clothesline misses. Cara
starts firing off some kicks and the fans do not react at all. Miz
misses a big boot and Cara headscissors Miz down. An enziguri from
the apron takes Miz down but Cara takes too long and gets caught in
the Finale, only to reverse into a Magistral (I know I misspelled
that) cradle for the pin on Miz at 4:44 shown of 8:24.
C. They really needed a break
in an eight and a half minute match? Anyway this likely sets up a
multi-man match for the PPV as Rey and Cara have both beaten Miz and
Cody attacked the champ on Monday as well. There’s nothing wrong
with combining a few feuds like that and getting those three involved
in a title match, assuming that’s the way they go with it.
talks to Striker in the back with Striker wondering how Miz likes
facing an unknown opponent. Cody comes up and Miz wants to know why
he was jumped on Monday. Cody says he wants his Intercontinental
Title back. Mysterio pops up and says he deserves a shot at the
title too. Sin Cara comes up too and points at the belt. Teddy Long
pops up and makes the fourway.
recap the Anger Management stuff leading up to Bryan/Kane becoming
number one contenders to the tag titles. Part of this is set to a
song that sounds like it’s called Smiley Face World.
go to Kane in the back, holding a small red ball. The Doctor is with
them when Bryan comes in. Bryan yells at Kane for attacking him on
Monday and they say they both want to be tag champions. The Doctor
says they both have balls (they do) and masturbation jokes are made.
Kane: “Mine’s bigger than yours.” Bryan isn’t sure.
vs. Kofi Kingston
fires off kicks to start and dropkicks Kane into the ropes, only to
get his head taken off by an uppercut. The low dropkick gets two for
Kane but his powerslam is countered into a DDT. Trouble in Paradise
is caught in a chokeslam but Kofi escapes and goes to the top, only
to jump into the chokeslam for the pin at 2:10.
goes to chokeslam him again but Dr. Shelby comes out and Kane hugs
Kofi instead.
isn’t worried about facing Tensai tonight or facing Ziggler on
Orton vs. Tensai
takes Tensai down quickly and drops a few knees. Tensai comes back
with an uppercut and we’re in a slug out. Orton punches away in the
corner but gets run over by a shoulder block. There isn’t much
variety in the offense so far in this one. Orton is knocked to the
floor but he gets in behind Tensai and puts him in the same position
that Sheamus uses for the ten forearms. Instead though, Orton hits
some uppercuts to the back and a dropkick to send Tensai to the
take a break and come back with Tensai splashing Orton in the corner.
Cole seems way too excited about the size of Tensai here. Off to a
nerve hold but Orton fights up pretty quickly with a headbutt. The
powerslam puts Tensai down as does the Elevated DDT. Orton does his
stomp but the RKO is countered into the Baldo Bomb. The backsplash
misses though and the RKO gets the pin at 5:13 shown of 8:43.
D+. This didn’t do it for me
for the most part. It wasn’t a terrible match but it felt like one
of those old 1980s punch and kick matches. Tensai is better in the
role of the midcard jobber and I can’t picture him lasting much
longer. The guy just isn’t interesting at all and wins over him
don’t mean much. This wasn’t much of a win for Orton before the PPV
comes out and says that after Sunday, Orton won’t be a world champion
again. In a good bit, Orton says that Vickie standing there can only
mean one thing. Orton spins around into the RKO position and Ziggler
stops right before he tries to charge in from behind.
are Cesaro and Aksana to explain (in five languages) the outrage
Cesaro feels over defending the title against the winner of a battle
royal. Tyson Kidd comes out and speaks Canadian, saying that after
Sunday, Cesaro will be a former US Champion, eh. Cesaro dispatches
him so here’s serious Brodus but Cesaro doesn’t seem interested in
fighting him. Kidd dropkicks Cesaro into a headbutt from Clay and
there’s a splash for the champ. I have no idea who is winning the
battle royal on Sunday but as long as it’s not Santino I’m fine.
Barrett comes out and explains what it means when he says he’s open
for business. Next week someone gets to sample the product and then
business will be booming. Ok then.
vs. Beth Phoenix
announcers talk about how Kaitlyn could match strength with Beth.
Cole says that Kaitlyn could do that with a little more experience.
What does experience have to do with how strong you are? Anyway a
sunset flip gets two for Kaitlyn as does a rollup. Layla is watching
in the back. Beth slams Kaitlyn face first into the mat and chokes
away a bit more. The Glam Slam is countered into a reverse DDT for
the pin by Kaitlyn at 2:51. Yep, Beth just lost clean to Kaitlyn in
under three minutes.
get a graphic saying Get Well Jerry. This is the first mention of
Lawler tonight. I’m watching the international version and I’ve
heard they edited out all of the mentions of Lawler on commentary on
the Raw international versions, so maybe that’s what’s going on here.
ReBound airs the entire ending segment with Cena/Punk/Hart. That was
pretty good stuff.
run down the PPV card.
is watching in the back and talks to Booker who looks like he’s on
the crack high to end all crack highs. Eve sucks up to him a bit and
Teddy does the same. Booker leaves with Eve but there wasn’t any
animosity with Teddy.
vs. Daniel Bryan
again. Sheamus powers him down to start as Del Rio, Otunga and
Ricardo are watching in the back. Bryan has to stop to center
himself for a bit and Sheamus stands there and lets him. Bryan tries
a leapfrog but gets caught in the Regal Roll (fireman’s carry slam)
for two. A clothesline puts Bryan on the floor but Bryan trips
Sheamus onto the apron as the champ comes to the floor.
running dropkick keeps Sheamus down and they head back into the ring.
Bryan goes after the arm and snaps it across his shoulder. A charge
in the corner misses and there’s the top rope shoulder from Sheamus.
I’ve always like that move. A running knee sets up a tilt-a-whirl
backbreaker which Cole calls the Irish Curse for no apparent reason.
Bryan blocks the Cloverleaf as the fans chant Goat Face. Sheamus
ties Bryan up in the ropes for the forearms (Bryan: NOOOOOO!
Sheamus: YEEEEESSSSSS!) which get two.
avoids a charge in the corner and hits the kick to the head for two.
Bryan throws on his guillotine choke which doesn’t last long. The NO
Lock doesn’t work and there’s the real Irish Curse. The Cloverleaf
goes on and the submission master is in trouble. After a lot of
shouting NO, Bryan shouts YES and gives up at 9:06. No break in the
main event? That’s a rare thing anymore.
C+. Not a great match but this
one wasn’t in nearly as much doubt as their PPV matches were back in
the day. Come to think of it, I don’t think Bryan has ever gotten a
pin or a submission on Sheamus. This worked fine for a TV main event
though and Sheamus gets to show off the Cloverleaf again. It almost
seems like they’re making the ending of the PPV match too obvious,
but maybe that’s the point.
C+. This was fine for a
show before the PPV, although I wouldn’t have minded seeing Ryback or
Sandow out there. I’m hoping Ryback wins the battle royal on Sunday
and wins the title so that he has something to do. I know I’m in the
minority but I’d love to see him get hot shotted to the world title.
The guy is getting the reactions and he’s been untouchable so far so
why not? It would bring some fresh blood to the show if nothing
else. Anyway, not a bad show but there was really nothing to see
here. When you have the PPV set for the most part already, there’s
nothing wrong with that.
Cara b. The Miz – Magistral Cradle
b. Kofi Kingston – Chokeslam
b. Randy Orton – RKO
b. Beth Phoenix – Reverse DDT
b. Daniel Bryan – Cloverleaf
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