Michael Cole

During the Jerry Lawler incident on Raw last Monday, fans had a chance to see an actual human side to Michael Cole and share in his obvious worry and concern.  For the first time I can think of, people only have GOOD things to say about MIchael Cole.  Do you think that this could be the golden opportunity for creative to have him him tone down on the more obnoxious parts of his character and turn him into someone the fans can respect and appreciate?  I know it sounds crazy, but if ever there was a time to do it, this is it.

Absolutely.  I'd say they would be stupid not to do it, because now they've got someone who can sell PPVs and be the voice of reason that people trust.  Strange to say, but from tragedy there can sometimes come a much bigger benefit, and this is definitely a case where they can finally get Cole over as the person they've been trying to create for 10 years.