Asshole chant

Hey Scott,
   I got to thinking earlier today that we haven't heard the infamous "Ass—hole" chant has been absent from WWE for awhile.  Have you noticed this?  Any ideas on why it's gone?  I haven't watched in awhile, but I'm thinking that there isn't really any good and true asshole heels right now.  Or it could be just the WWE trying to keep those chants from breaking out, but that seems like it'd be a very hard thing to control?

I'm with the first theory — there's just no one worthy of the chant.  Almost every heel gets neutered or made to look like a coward, so you can't get any good Vince McMahon-style heat going and make people truly hate you.  Like I'm still trying to figure out CM Punk's motivation for being a heel in the first place.  Yeah, he wanted respect, but now he's just the guy (figuratively) yelling at little old ladies in the front row and going after the hometown hero for cheap heat.  No wonder people don't want to boo the guy.