NXT – September 12, 2012

September 12, 2012
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Byron Saxton, William Regal
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
to Florida for the best run TV show in wrestling every week. The
main feud seems to be Richie/Ricky Steamboat vs. Kassius Ohno which
doesn’t really do much for me. Both guys are pretty dull in the ring
but Ohno made me chuckle in the backstage segment last week. Other
than that we’re still looking for a challenger for Rollins so maybe
we’ll have some development in that tonight. Let’s get to it.

Uso vs. Kenneth Cameron
takes him down to start and throws Cameron out to the floor. Back in
and Jey runs into a boot in the corner as Kenneth takes over. I love
Ascension’s look. They look like guys that could beat the tar out of
anyone which is something you rarely get in tag teams anymore. A
clothesline sets up a chinlock with a bodyscissors by Cameron.
up and Jey tries to speed things up, only to get hiptossed into the
corner. After another clothesline from Cameron, Jey tries to speed
things up and gets in some shots to the face, but O’Brien trips him
up on the floor. Cameron hits what looked like a suplex but I think
there was supposed to be a kind of spin into a cutter at the end.
Not that it really matters as it looked like a suplex and only gets
two. Jimmy superkicks O’Brien down and the distraction lets Jey hit
a superkick for the pin at 5:26.
C+. This is something you
hardly ever see anymore: a competitive midcard match that never got
boring and had a quick ending. Another thing that NXT has over Raw
and Smackdown: the announcers mostly talk about the match. On the
main shows they have to hype the main event, which is fine, but I
don’t need to hear about 35 different social media platforms every
five minutes. It’s ok to explain why we should care about what we’re
watching in the ring every now and then, and you get that on NXT.
Usos celebrate in the crowd.
Rhodes is talking to someone when Rick Victor comes in and demands an
NXT Title shot. Dusty says prove you’re worthy of one. Short and
E. Langston vs. Chad Baxter
pounds him down to start and easily blocks a sunset flip. The fans
chant for Chad for some reason. The fans don’t exactly fire him up
as Langston hits three straight backbreakers followed by a running
splash (Vader used to do this. I’m not sure what to call it but
Baxter was standing in the middle of the ring and Langston hit a
standing splash to knock him down) and the falling slam for the pin
at 1:58.
match Langston hits another falling slam and counts himself a five
count. Langston says a three count is normal, but he isn’t normal so
it’s five counts for him. He gives Baxter a third slam and gets
another five count. This goes on too long but the fans are digging
says next week he’s going to have a sparring session.
get a video on Trent Barretta missing. He’s been found though and
he’s back next week.
Dylan vs. Damien Sandow
says that Dylan has the option of getting beaten up or sitting
ringside for a lecture Sandow has prepared. Sandow pounds him down
into the corner and continues to do so in the middle of the ring.
Dylan gets in some basic offense but gets taken down, hit with the
wind up elbow and the double arm neckbreaker gets the pin at 1:35.
doesn’t care who he faces for the title. Rick Victor comes up and
says he doubts Rollins even knows his name. Rollins agrees so Victor
slaps him. Victor is ono the top of Rollins’ list now.
ReBound is about Cena vs. Punk at the end of the show.
talks to Dusty and demands a match with Victor next week.
Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty
gets a shot at Rollins somewhere down the line. See how much a title
can enhance a feud like this one? They head to the mat quickly and
McGillicutty controls with a headscissors. Kidd counters into an
armbar but Michael makes the rope. They fight over a wristlock until
Kidd suplexes him to the mat to take over. McGillicutty grabs a
headlock on the mat but Kidd rolls out and sends McGillicutty to the
in and McGillicutty elbows him down and we take a break. We come
back McGillicutty holding a chinlock, only to get taken down by a
sunset flip. McGillicutty gets a two count of his own and the fans
chant SHAH with every count. I remember the ECW fans doing that for
Hack Meyers but why are they doing it for McGillicutty? Kidd gets
sent into the buckle but he kicks McGillicutty in the face to escape
a suplex back into the ring.
speeds things up and hits his dropkick to the side of Michael’s head
for two. McGillicutty slides to the floor to avoid a spin kick but
Kidd hits a kick through the ropes and a kick off the apron to take
Michael down. Back in and a springboard elbow hits McGillicutty’s
knees. Wouldn’t that hurt McGillicutty just as much?
gets two but Michael gets crotched on the top. Kidd tries a top rope
rana and it mostly hits, but his feet were under McGillicutty’s arms.
I’ve seen him do that before so maybe it’s intentional. A
jawbreaker staggers Kidd but he comes back with an enziguri.
McGillicutty ducks and the McGillicutter gets the pin for Michael at
10:30 shown of 14:00.
B-. These two have great
chemistry against each other and the match here was another good one.
The ending was nice and fast paced with McGillicutty knowing Kidd’s
offense well enough to avoid it and hit the McGillicutter to end it.
Also, this is another reason why the title helps the show: it gives
these two a reason to fight some more.
C+. Good stuff here
again but I’m worried about Dusty being on the show three times in
one episode. One of the best things about NXT is that they don’t
waste any time on stuff like GM’s and match making like they do on
Monday and Friday. I’m hoping this is just a one off thing and it
doesn’t happen every week because it’ll bring the show down.
Uso b. Kenneth Cameron – Superkick
E. Langston b. Chad Baxter – Falling Slam
Sandow b. Garrett Dylan – Double Arm Neckbreaker
McGillicutty b. Tyson Kidd – McGillicutter
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