Hey Scott,
Quick question … apparently Jerry Lawler had a heart attack last night on an episode of Raw. Has the WWE gotten so bad at faking injury angles (or wrestling in general for the matter) that when serious things like this happen the first instinct is to be cynical about the carnies on Raw?

Yup.  Because they overuse the "X" signal now, so it's a case of the boy crying wolf too many times.  That being said, at least they keep high quality EMTs in the arena because of the other awful things that have happened in the past, so that likely saved Lawler's life.   The really sad thing is that the injuries guy DO suffer are almost never ones where they can use it to build for a big return afterwards, because no one notices until weeks later when some doctor is like "Uh yeah, you suffered a concussion in Milwaukee, take 6 weeks off."  It kills their momentum and gives the impression that the guy just disappeared for a month instead of having something do when he returns.