WCW Worldwide 5/8/1993

Taped from Columbus, GA

Airdate: May 8, 1993

Hosted by Tony Schiavone and Jesse “The Body” Ventura

Our monthly installment of WCW Worldwide from Classics On
Demand brings us the second week of the Computer Contender’s Challenge. This
week Marcus Bagwell and 2 Cold Scorpio will vie for the World Tag Team
Championship against reigning champions the Hollywood Blonds “Stunning” Steve
Austin and Brian Pillman. Additionally Barry Windham will be the guest on “A Flair
for the Gold.”

Match 1: Johnny B.
Badd versus Dave Lynch

While Tony welcomes us to the program Badd comes to the ring.
As you would expect Jesse compliments Johnny’s boa. Lynch attempts a lockup and
Badd dodges him. Another try yields another dodge. Upon trying a third time
Lynch gets legtripped. After a quick tie-up Badd grabs a waistlock and a
takedown. Badd tries to maintain it, but Lynch reaches the ropes.

They tie up again, and Badd grabs a headlock. Lynch shoots
him off into the ropes and gets shoulderblocked. Subsequently Badd  gives him three armdrags. Moronically Badd
offers to shake Lynch’s hand, but when he looks to the crowd for approval Lynch
kicks him in the gut. A cross-corner whip gets reversed, and when Lynch comes
out of the corner he receives a back body drop. Badd delivers the Tutti Frutti
and gets the pin. After the match Badd applies the “kiss that don’t miss”
sticker on Lynch’s cheek. DUD

Tony and Jesse are on camera discussing the Cactus Jack
story. We are shown the highlights of the match where Vader powerbombed Cactus
Jack on the concrete on WCW Saturday Night. Check last week’s report for the
video link.

Either before or after the preceding segment WCW Magazine
was supposed to be shown; however, since it contained a promo from 2 Cold
Scorpio and Marcus Bagwell discussing their match at Slamboree against Bobby
Eaton and Chris Benoit it was removed by the WWE Classics On Demand staff.
Thanks again WWE for removing footage that is not detrimental to today’s youth.

Match 2: Scott “Flash”
Norton versus T.C. Carter

Carter tries to tie up with Norton and receives a punch to
the rib cage. After another punch he whips him into the ropes and delivers yet
another punch to the midsection. Norton chops him so hard he clears the top
rope to the floor. When Carter returns to the apron Norton hoists him overhead
and slams him back into the ring. After another whip he viciously clotheslines
Carter. He drops the elbow and gets the pin. DUD

Tony is at ringside ready to interview Norton. Norton cuts
him off before the introduction. He states: “All eyes are on me.” If he doesn’t
get respect he’ll take it.

We head to the Slamboree control center with Eric Bischoff.
He promotes the PPV on May 23. Matches already signed include:

Big Van Vader versus “The British Bulldog” Davey
Boy Smith for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Barry Windham versus Arn Anderson for the NWA title

The Hollywood Blonds “Stunning” Steve Austin and
“Flyin’”Brian Pillman versus Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Shane Douglas in
a steel cage

Sting will be on the card and a major
announcement regarding his match will be revealed next week.

Bischoff introduces Gordon Solie. He informs us that Ivan
Koloff, The Fabulous Moolah, Thunderbolt Patterson, and The Crusher will be in
attendance. We then get highlights of The Crusher.  In addition matches involving the legends
will take place–a singles match, a tag team match, and a six-man tag team
match. Also Ric Flair will host a special “A Flair for the Gold”, but the guest
has not yet been named. Maxx Payne will be in concert. Needless to say, but I’m
certain the Scorpio-Bagwell versus Eaton-Benoit match was originally included on
the telecast but omitted here.

Tony and Jesse discuss next week’s match for the US title
between Dustin Rhodes and Kensuke Sasaki. However, Sasaki has a mysterious
shoulder injury, so “Ravishing” Rick Rude will get the title shot instead.

Match 3: “Ravishing”
Rick Rude versus Ron Hagen

Just to irritate the fans and appease Jesse in doing so Rude
tells ring announcer Gary Cappetta that the fans “are not worth wasting his
breath on.” Rude starts the match with a kick to the gut and a couple of
forearms. He then whips Hagen off the ropes and misses a clothesline. In an
attempt to capitalize Hagen kicks him in the gut and whips him off the ropes.
Rude counters the whip with a clothesline, hooks Hagen for a vertical suplex,
and then drops him without going over himself. Next he follows with a DDT. An
attempted lateral press is aborted because Rude pulls off before the three
count can be completed. Rude mounts the second turnbuckle and delivers a knee.
Again he attempts a cover but pulls off at 2. He gives Hagen the Rude Awakening
and pins him. DUD

“A Flair for the

Flair makes his entrance with a “Woo!” Shortly thereafter Fifi
greets him with a glass of wine. Arn Anderson is at the bar with a brunette. For
the benefit of “10000 cards and letters” Fifi gets a special introduction and
curtsies for us. Flair promotes the match between Barry Windham and Arn
Anderson for the NWA heavyweight championship. To put everything in its place Arn
tells Flair that it’s Ric’s show and he can have whomever as his guest;
however, the “talent” sitting on the couch is “a heart attack waiting to
happen.” No offense is intended toward Jerry Lawler or his fans with that last
sentence. Anyways, Arn cuts a quick promo on Windham saying he’ll take
advantage of his one shot at the title.

Without hesitation Flair joins the ladies on the couch and
asks if he’s really better looking than Richard Gere. The phone rings and Fifi
answers it. She hands the phone to Flair. Obviously Barry Windham is on the
other end and declines Flair’s invitation to the show. In typical fashion Flair
momentarily overreacts and wants the women to leave. Arn quickly changes
Flair’s mind. To close out the segment Flair dances with the ladies as Arn pops
the bubbly.

In the sole installment of WCW Magazine shown this week Tony
Giliam informs us again that Maxx Payne will be performing with his “mysterious
guitar”, Norma Jean. “The Master of the Painkiller” Maxx Payne cuts a promo
showing off his guitar, Hellraiser. If he starts to play it will Pinhead and the
cenobites appear?

Match 4 for the WCW
World Tag Team Championship: The Hollywood Blonds versus 2 Cold Scorpio and
Marcus Bagwell

Scorpio and Bagwell hit the ring. Surprisingly Cappetta
announces Bagwell as WCW Magazine’s Rookie of the Year. As the Hollywood Blonds
make their way to the ring they roll their imaginary cameras. Tony announces
that next week the Hollywood Blonds will be the special guests on “A Flair for
the Gold.” Bagwell and Pillman tie up in the corner and Bagwell gives a clean
break. Deviously Pillman complains to Nick Patrick to check Bagwell’s boot
while he takes a foreign object out of his trunks. Patrick checks on Pillman
too as Brian raises his arms to hide it. Covertly Pillman then slips it into
his kneepad. Bagwell asks Patrick to check his hand as Pillman completes the
mind games.

They tie up again and Bagwell grabs a headlock. Pillman
shoots him off the ropes but gets shoulderblocked. As soon as Pillman tries to clothesline
Bagwell coming off the ropes Marcus ducks and grabs a go-behind in order to
roll him up. However, Pillman throws him off and misses an elbowdrop. Bagwell
comes back with a dropkick and an armdrag then holds the armbar to maintain

To break the hold Pillman trips Bagwell into the Blonds’
corner. Austin tags in and delivers a couple of forearm shots to the upper
back. As Jesse makes old jokes about the legends wrestling at Slamboree Austin
whips Bagwell off the ropes but gets countered. Bagwell drop toeholds Austin to
the canvas, grabs an armbar, and wring’s Austin’s arm.  Austin counters with his own arm wringer
though. Bagwell counters with a headlock and takes him to the mat. When they
get to their feet Austin shoots Bagwell off the ropes and gets shoulderblocked.
Just as Bagwell comes off the ropes Austin catches him with a boot to the gut.

To mock Bagwell Austin rolls his camera then tries to give
him a vertical suplex. Bagwell leaps over Austin and doubles him over with a
shot to the midsection. Bagwell mocks Austin by rolling his own camera. A fist
by Austin is blocked and returned by Bagwell. Again he mocks Austin with his
camera, kicks him in the midsection, and takes him over with a vertical suplex getting
a 2 count. To maintain control Bagwell grabs a headlock and takes Austin down

Scorpio tags in and nails Austin in the midsection during a
double-team. As Jesse puts it “the Cold Man” grabs a standing headlock. Austin
shoots him off and gets a shoulder block. Without delay Scorpio comes off the
ropes with a high cross-body block to gain a 2 count. He dropkicks Austin,
snapmares him for another 2 count, and regains the headlock.

To break the hold Austin hits the jawbreaker and tags
Pillman. Brian puts the boots to Scorpio and grabs a headlock. Scorpio shoots
him off the ropes, leapfrogs him, and gives him a hiptoss. A Scorpio dropkick
sends Pillman out of the ring. As Pillman tries to re-enter the ring Scorpio
baseball-slides him. A second attempt to get back in the ring earns Pillman a
vertical suplex entry. While Pillman tries to tag out Austin is in the other
corner untying the turnbuckle pad. Is there possible dissention between the
Blonds? They argue as we take a commercial break.

We return with Austin giving Scorpio a whip off the ropes. As
he attempts a back breaker Scorpio flips out of it, comes off the ropes, and
maneuvers Austin into a sunset flip for a 2 count. An inside cradle gets
another 2 count. As fast as a hiccup Scorpio somersaults hooking Austin’s legs
and gets yet another 2 count. A cross-corner whip by Scorpio gets reversed.
From the opposite corner Scorpio gains a headscissors on Austin, but Steve
drops him on his face.

Prior to tagging in Pillman Austin makes Scorpio eat mat
then boot. Pillman kicks Scorpio in the midsection to maintain control for the
Blonds. Upon taking Scorpio to the corner he gives Scorpio a couple of chops.
Scorpio shrugs them off and chops Pillman back. To thwart the comeback Pillman
rakes the eyes and tries to whip Scorpio off the ropes. Scorpio reverses, but
Pillman gives him a flying headscissors.

Pillman tosses Scorpio out of the ring and teases flying on
top of him. Acutely Scorpio ducks, and Pillman holds onto the top rope. He
leaps at Scorpio but eats the steel railing instead. Methinks it doesn’t taste
like chocolate. As Bagwell rallies for his partner the crowd is ecstatic. As
Scorpio and Pillman re-enter the ring tags are exchanged on both sides.

Bagwell is on fire as he knocks down Austin then Pillman. Valiantly
he tries to whip Austin off the ropes but gets reversed. Pillman nails Bagwell
in the back with a knee. Dastardly Pillman then chokes Bagwell with the towel
as Austin distracts Patrick. Austin then chokes Bagwell a couple of times then
drops a rope-assisted knee to the chest. Again Austin distracts Patrick so that
Pillman can choke out Bagwell with the towel.

Pillman tags in and stalks Bagwell trying to crawl to his
corner. Before the tag is made Pillman prevents it by kicking him and then
rubbing his face into the mat. He takes Bagwell to the corner and chops him. Defensively
Bagwell returns fire with a few punches but receives an eye rake. Jesse notes
the lack of “mustard” on Bagwell’s punches. Bagwell gets whipped to the corner,
jumps to the second rope, and gives Pillman a high cross body for another 2
count due to Austin’s distraction of Patrick yet again.

Pillman double forearms Bagwell in the head and gets a pair
of 2 counts. Austin tags in and kicks Bagwell in the midsection. While mocking
Bagwell to the camera Austin works him over then slams him. After mounting the
second turnbuckle he hits nothing but Bagwell’s knees. But before Bagwell can
reach Scorpio to make the desperation tag Austin nails Scorpio off the apron.
As Patrick is distracted by Scorpio the Blonds double-team Bagwell with a choke
along the top rope.

Pillman tags back in and delivers punches to Bagwell’s head.
Briefly he chokes Bagwell then kicks him in the gut. Pillman gives Scorpio a
back elbow drawing him back in then tosses Bagwell over the top rope. If the
referee had seen that the Blonds would be disqualified. Bagwell re-enters the
ring and Pillman “wants to make him quit.”

Pillman hammers him in the back then grabs an abdominal
stretch. Since he’s close to his own corner Austin assists him behind Patrick’s
back. Great camera work shows Patrick’s angle therefore proving his inability
to see the cheating. With flavor the crowd eggs Bagwell on, and he hiptosses
Pillman. He tries to make his way to tag Scorpio but gets blocked by an Austin
forearm. That gains a 1 count for the future Rattlesnake. Continuing his
assault Austin slams him down then drops the forearm to the head for another 2

Tony mentions that there are 2 minutes remaining. After Austin
gives Bagwell a snapmare he holds a reverse chinlock. Bagwell gets to his feet
and gives Austin a few elbows to the midsection. Next he tries to go to the
ropes for momentum, but Austin hangs on and delivers a clothesline. Pillman
tags back in. As Austin holds Bagwell’s arms behind him Pillman tries a
springboard clothesline; however, Bagwell ducks out of the way! While Pillman
apologizes to his partner Bagwell makes the hot tag! To borrow a quote from
Stevie Ray, it’s “on like donkey kong” now!

As if he were chomping at the bit Scorpio comes in and gives
Pillman a succession of punches and a spinning heel kick. He also gives Austin
a spin kick and whips Pillman off the ropes to give him a flying shoulderblock.
Following that he slams Pillman and heads to the top rope. 30 seconds remain in
the match as Scorpio flies on top of Pillman. When Scorpio covers him Patrick
is once again distracted by Austin and Bagwell in the ring.

Pillman tries to clothesline Scorpio but gets rolled up off
the ropes. With 15 seconds remaining Austin makes the save. As the time limit
expires Pillman accidentally nails Austin and gets rolled up. The match is a
time-limit draw as Tony previews next week’s show and closes it out. ****

Wow! What a great tag match! With Pillman and Scorpio in the
ring you knew the action would be fast and furious. Austin’s heel tactics and
Bagwell’s babyface act also sold that match tremendously well. The heel
chicanery displayed by the Blonds defines heel tag team wrestling. Despite “A
Flair for the Gold” resembling a Horseman party at the bar after the matches it
was still very entertaining. In spite of the missing Benoit footage I would
definitely give this show a passing grade with the fantastic tag encounter and
can’t wait until next month’s episode!

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