Broadcasting Future

So not to sound vain, as this is a sensitive topic, but what do you think the WWE is planning now for the commentary situation?  It would seem to me that whoever takes the spot has to have a ton of credibility, and may almost have to play the heel role as Cole (as unbelievable as this sounds) is now the sympathetic commentator no one really wants to get on after the way he handled himself last night, both professionally and emotionally.  Regal?  Ross?   Heyman?

I imagine they'll just play it safe and go with Josh Matthews for the moment on both shows.  I don't think they really like Regal on commentary and Heyman is probably never getting back on the air again outside of his promo segments.  But Regal certainly would be the best political and quality choice out of the limited options available, unless JBL decides he wants to return as a color guy again.