Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog of Doomers!

Excited about Bret Hart returning to Montreal…not excited enough to tune away from Monday Night Football but excited enough to watch RAW on YouTube tomorrow.

Real quick on this list of WWE DVDs. Most of them I could care less about but Best of MSG and Best of War Games gets a hearty HELL YEAH! from me. My only concern is the blood, please don’t tell me they are going to go all black & white on the War Games stuff because of the blood. Screw the kids!

Top 25 Rivalries? Eh…I’d rather just have the Rock-Austin Rivalry DVD because frankly I’ve always been curious of what they thought of each other and how Austin viewed Rock nipping at his heels while he was doing his thing in 1998 and when did they realize that frequent, but not too frequent, encounters could send their bankrolls into a much higher tax bracket.

Do I really need another Foley Bio…no…Do I really need another Triple H bio…HELL NO. What don’t I know about either of these f------ guys?

Bret Hart’s unreleased matches? Hmmm that could be interesting.

That’s all I got, so enjoy the show, do a little dance, make love tonight, come out swinging and keep it clean.