Magic Bullet

Hey Scott,
OK, so we all agree that there's a s----ton wrong with WWE, and no one magic bullet that could fix the whole product. But if given the chance to make one very targeted change to the WWE production, what would it be? It can't be a philosophical change, like "better long term booking" or "focus on tag teams". Something very specific and immediate. For example:
– Replace Michael Cole with Jim Ross
– Get rid of the storyline GM forever. Use the "board" or a Jack Tunney type for very rare major decisions.
– Cut the number of PPVs in half, to 6 PPVs a year
– Cut Raw's running time in half, to 90 minutes
– Cancel Smackdown
– Merge the WHC and the WWE titles into one undisputed title.
– Fire John Cena
Mine would be getting rid of the GM trope. In my mind it simply wastes time (we can't root for a goddamn authority figure!), it makes the actual wrestlers seem inferior because they can never be as powerful as the mighty GM, and it simply becomes a crutch for lazy storytelling. On a GM-less show, the championship becomes more important and the wrestlers' goals become the main focus.
What about you?

– Shorten both shows to 90 minutes each.
– Cancel Smackdown, then completely rebrand each show to be "Monday Night RAW" and "Friday Night RAW", with a totally new set and design.  Make both shows look the same since no one buys the brand split anymore and you can use the RAW name.  That way you can split up your three hour show over two nights.
– Pick 10 of the midcarders who are floundering and send them to NXT as the top stars for the new guys to work with there.
– Have Michael Cole hooked up to a machine that electrocutes him every time he says "Twitter", "Tout", "Vintage" or "Building momentum."