Smackdown – September 7, 2012

September 7, 2012
I Wireless Center, Moline, Illinois
Josh Matthews, Michael Cole
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
main story tonight is the potential legal action that Del Rio and
Otunga are going to be taking against Sheamus. For those of you
keeping score, this would be the second time in roughly a month that
legal action has been part of this feud. When they can’t even keep
fresh ideas going in a single feud, it may be a sign that there’s a
problem. Let’s get to it.

open with a video from Raw of Sheamus’ Brogue Kick to Ricardo and the
announcement of Otunga taking legal action for it.
Ricardo and Del Rio leave Booker’s office.
You Know Your Enemy? Mine is Alberto Del Rio who is the anchor
Smackdown is trying to run with.
Del Rio and company in the arena to start things off. Del Rio talks
about being on the roll of his career after beating Orton and Kane in
back to back weeks. I would have thought beating Punk and Cena at
the same time in the Cell for the world title would be better than
that but what do I know? Del Rio says he’ll win the title at Night
of Champions but that’s not enough. He wants the Brogue Kick banned
because kicking someone in the head is a criminal act.
isn’t just his servant. He’s Del Rio’s friend. The Brogue Kick has
hurt dozens of people, but the cross armbreaker is elegant and pure.
Otunga says he’s the only Harvard educated attorney in the history of
WWE. He’s been hired because what happened to Ricardo was
predetermined and intentional. We get a highlight reel of the Brogue
Kick and all the people it’s beaten. I wonder if they’re actually
going to get rid of it. I mean, they got rid of the Punt.
talks about meeting with Booker T, which brings out the GM himself.
Booker says that was supposed to be confidential but Otunga brought
it out to the people. Booker asks the people if the Brogue Kick
should be banned and after a lot of booing, the kick is declared to
be legal.
get a throwaway line from Josh, saying that Kane has been fined an
undisclosed amount for attacking him recently.
Mysterio/Sin Cara vs. The Miz/Cody Rhodes
and Mysterio start things off. The champion pounds Mysterio down but
Rey comes back with some kicks to the leg and a tag is made to Cara.
A double kick from the masked men gets two on Miz as we take a break.
These breaks a minute into the match need to stop. Back with Cara
armdragging Cody across the ring and the tag being made to Mysterio.
Miz pulls Cody away from the 619 and distracts Rey in the back to let
Cody get control.
drop toeholds Cody into the buckle and makes the tag to Cara. Sin (I
guess I can call him that) speeds things way up but Coach Miz tells
Cody to duck, allowing Miz to get the tag and a shot to the back of
Cara to take over. The corner clothesline sets up the double ax off
the top for two for Miz. Cody comes in with a delayed release
gordbuster for two. The announcers are talking about Cody’s
obsession with the masks which is all I’ve been wanting from this
feud. They’ve touched on it a bit but hearing them flat out say it
is nice.
hooks a cravate but Cara gets into a bulldog position but backflips
over to slam Cody’s head into the mat. Nice counter. Hot tag brings
in Rey to face Miz and speed things up again. Miz counters a
headscissors and rolls through a sunset flip, followed by a kick to
the face of Rey for two. That was a slick sequence. Mysterio and
Miz trade control on a rollup, resulting in Cody kicking Miz in the
head by mistake. Cody is sent to the floor and hit by a big dive
from Cara. The 619 and a top rope splash pin Miz at 7:38 shown of
B-. The last minute or two of
this was some very nice stuff with Miz looking awesome out there. He
was hanging move for move with Mysterio which isn’t something you
would expect him to be able to do. The ending was somewhat creative
too with the rollup reversals leading to heel miscommunication. I
was digging this one and I would be fine with the masked guys going
after the tag titles. It would give Cara some success and Rey
something to do.
wants to hug it out with Bryan but settles for a handshake instead.
Horny kicks Bryan in the shin and runs off. Bryan has to breathe and
calm down.
threatens Booker with legal action if he doesn’t rethink his
decision. Booker looks at some pictures and says he’ll think about
it. Otunga isn’t pleased and asks Booker to meet him in the training
get a recap of the hugging from Raw. In other words, we’re standing
around reminiscing about the times we stood around. Miz giving
commentary about the rules is kind of funny. In the video when the
hug happens, a song that sounds like it belongs on The Wiggles comes
on and bright colors come on the screen. Ok, that’s kind of awesome.
Bryan vs. Zach Ryder
fighting his inner demons on the way to the ring is awesome stuff.
Ryder grabs a quick rollup for two and Bryan fires off some NO Kicks
to come back. More kicks to the chest have Ryder in a lot of
trouble. Ryder hits a face jam and gets up the knees in the corner.
Broski Boot hits but Bryan begs off before the Rough Ryder. Bryan
begs for understanding and asks for a hug, but he suckers Ryder into
the NO Lock for the tap at 2:58. That was good stuff.
won’t let go of the hold and the referee reverses the decision.
a match about to start but here’s Sandow instead. He sees his loss
via countout last week as justice. He wasn’t prepared for that match
and doesn’t like what social media had to say about it. Sandow says
he was being intelligent last week, not being a coward. The people
that TOUT IT OUT are cowards. No one would call him a coward to his
face. Instead of tweeting, why not read a book? “When Albert
Einstein discovered the theory of relativity, I assure all of you he
did not TOUT about it!” I love this man. Anyway, Orton interrupts
him and it’s time for Sandow to rub elbows with another big name.
Orton vs. Damien Sandow
looks different for some reason. The bell rings and here are Dolph
and Vickie. The bell rings again for no apparent reason and Orton
takes him to the mat with a headlock. They fight for control in a
collar and elbow tieup but Sandow punches Orton in the face to
escape. Orton shrugs it off and Damien bails to the floor. Back in
and Sandow avoids the backbreaker and heads to the floor again, only
to get clotheslined down by a following Orton.
gets up on the table and distracts Randy, allowing Sandow to ram
Randy into the apron and take over. Back in and Sandow works on the
arm as we take a break. Sandow putting on a chinlock. A Russian
legsweep sets up the spinning elbow from Sandow for two. Orton
avoids a charge and starts his comeback with the usual clotheslines
and powerslam. Elevated DDT puts Sandow down but as Orton loads up
the RKO, Sandow heads to the floor and sprints up the ramp for the
countout win for Orton at 6:53 shown of 10:23.
C. This was another good thing
for Sandow as now he’s rubbing elbows with the main event guys. He
doesn’t need to win at all for a good while and when he drops back
down to the midcard he’ll have some experience to make him a guy
higher up in that part of the card. The match here was fine and the
ending was the right call.
cuts Ziggler off as Dolph is leaving and they have a staredown.
Orton punches him down and throws him into the ring, only for Dolph
to get the advantage back. Randy powerslams him down but as he loads
up the RKO, Sandow runs back in and takes the RKO. Ziggler bails and
Orton stands tall.
shows Booker some x-rays of necks to prove how damaging the Brogue
Kick is. If Booker doesn’t do what Otunga says, WWE is getting sued.
Booker says he’ll think about it and makes Otunga vs. Sheamus. This
would be a lot more compelling stuff if it didn’t build up Del Rio
vs. Sheamus.
Time Players vs. Primo/Epico vs. Usos
get the title shot at Night of Champions. The only team to get an
intro here is the Kofi/Truth who are on commentary. This is WCW
rules with three people in the ring at once. Epico and Primo stomp
on I think Jey in the corner while Young is down in the other corner.
This is moving around too fast to keep up with. Titus gets the tag
and cleans house before trying a release suplex to his partner onto
Jey, but Jey gets his knees up.
dropkicks Jey to the floor but walks into a northern lights suplex
from Darren for two. Epico comes out of the corner with a tornado
DDT to Young but walks into a double clothesline with Jey. Jimmy
gets the hot tag and cleans house as everything breaks down. A
Samoan Drop puts Young down and Jimmy dives on Titus and Primo. Jey
hits the top rope splash on Epico but Young steals the pin and the
title shot at 4:20.
C-. This was a mess all over
the place but it certainly wasn’t boring. All signs would point to
Titus and Young winning the titles now, as they’ve been beaten by the
champions twice I believe, so the logical conclusion would be to have
them win the third match and forget the first two. The match was too
short to become a disaster and it was fast enough to be fun, but it
was like the old WCW Cruiserweight matches: mostly flash and no
substance, but that’s ok.
ReBound is about Punk vs. Cena of course.
TOUTS IT OUT about the safety issues going on. This would annoy me
more if she wasn’t gorgeous.
talks to Kaitlyn about the potential lawsuit when Ziggler and Vickie
show up. They go to see Booker but Teddy says Booker is busy.
Ziggler wants to face Orton again because the win on Monday wasn’t a
fluke. He wants the fight at Night of Champions and after some
banter, Teddy says he’ll advise Booker to make the match. It’s so
refreshing to see a heel step up and challenge someone.
Barrett vs. Yoshi Tatsu
think Barrett has new music but I’m not sure. For the first time
that I can ever remember, Barrett starts in a boxing stance and
throws some punches. Tatsu gets stuck between the ropes and Barrett
kicks him in the face to take him down. Barrett fires off more
punches and a kick to the ribs followed by a big elbow to the head
for the pin at 1:48.
says he has no interest in meaningless matches like this. If he’s
not instantly in the title picture, he’s going to do something to
make his life easier on him. He declares Wade Barrett open for
business. That sounds interesting. Barrett has a different style
here and I’m not sure if I like it yet or not.
vs. David Otunga
pounds him down to start but the Brogue Kick misses and Sheamus gets
caught in the ropes. Otunga guillotines him on the top rope to take
over and it’s off to a chinlock. Sheamus escapes and hits some
running ax handle smashes to take over. There are the ten forearms
in the ropes from the champ and Otunga is in trouble. Sheamus hits
White Noise and loads up the Brogue Kick, but Booker comes out and
says the Brogue Kick is banned. Instead Sheamus hits a modified
Irish Curse and the Texas Cloverleaf gets the submission at 4:59.
D+. The squash was just a
backdrop so we could have the announcement of the kick being banned
made to end the show. Otunga is good as a backstage character but in
the ring the guy has never really accomplished anything of note and
it’s clear that he belongs in a suit and not trunks. Total squash
stares at Del Rio to end the show.
C-. This show was fine
from a technical standpoint as everything made sense and a lot of
stories were advanced. The problem is that the main story got a lot
more time than everything else and the main story is very dull. The
legal stuff and having the Kick banned is an attempt to make this
feud seem interesting, but the problem with taking Sheamus’ finisher
away is he had just debuted a new finisher on Monday before all of
this happened. The rest of the show was mostly entertaining, but
again it feels like a supplement to Raw instead of its own show.
Mysterio/Sin Cara b. Cody Rhodes/The Miz – Top rope splash to Miz
Ryder b. Daniel Bryan via DQ when Bryan wouldn’t release the NO Lock
Orton b. Damien Sandow via countout
Time Players b. Epico/Primo and Usos – Young pinned Epico after a
top rope splash from Jimmy Uso
Barrett b. Yoshi Tatsu – Elbow to the head
b. David Otunga – Texas Cloverleaf
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