Biggest Pops

My apologies if you recently posted a similar thread, but the "Best Austin/Rock Moment" discussion (which linked to Austin helping Foley win the title for the first time) definitely got me wondering what the biggest pops ever were.

#1 has GOT to be the Harts at "Canadian Stampede", right? Probably followed by the aforementioned Austin run-in. Where does Punk at last year's "Money In The Bank" fall? Jericho's WWE debut? Trips' return in 2002? Sting finally declaring his allegiance to WCW against the nWo? And what about Hogan-era ovations? I mean, I've been a wrestling fan for over twenty-five years, but I really don't remember audiences being quite as "rowdy" back then. They'd cheer, sure, but they didn't really go nuts in their seats like they did during the late-90's.

One that always stuck out to me, odd as it may seem, was Shane McMahon's return at "No Way Out, 2000". The audience went almost as crazy for him as they did for Austin's run-in during the Rock/Foley match.

Looking forward to the Youtube-links that follow. Take care.
– Stu

Yeah, the Harts were HUGE in Calgary for that show.  Luger and Windham winning the tag titles at the first Clash was a GIGANTIC reaction, too.  Hogan winning the belt originally in 84 was a nutso reaction, although they don't usually show that part.  Or Hogan "winning" the AWA belt from Bockwinkel the year before, that was a batshit crazy crowd reaction and I'm still shocked they didn't actually riot.  I recall the crowd jumping up and down and going insane when Brock superplexed Big Show through the ring.  
See, now THIS is a topic that WWE should make a DVD out of!