NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #9

August 14, 2002
Video recap of Ron Killings beating Ken Shamrock for the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship from last week’s show.
Your hosts are Ed Ferrara, Don West, and Mike Tenay

Killings comes down to the ring with the belt on his shoulders. States that this is “his house” and that it will be known as the “TNA Asylum.” He says that he came to TNA as a bitter man as he wasn’t sure he would get the opportunity he deserves, due to the color of his skin. Says he was told by a WWF “senior official” that he couldn’t make the same mistakes as white people. He then says he is a “damn legend” then says prejudice is all over, regardless of color, but you must make the most out of any opportunity you get. The crowd is behind him for the most part. Jeff Jarrett comes out and calls Killings “Walt Disney” and says he got the belt due to reverse racism on the part of TNA. Jarrett then says he has been robbed each week and asks Truth for the chance to get the title. Truth says he became friends with him but the ring is all business and he can bring his ass to the ring. Generic country music hits as Bill Behrens comes out with security wearing a white cowboy hat. He tells Jarrett that there is a new sheriff in town and calls Jarrett “slapnuts.” Behrens says he is back with a vengeance. Behrens is overly confident here and its different than his usual act but still sucks. He is replacing Steamboat tonight and tells them they can brawl all over the arena tonight but it won’t be sanctioned by the NWA, thus making it a non-title match as Ferrara rants about Jarrett getting screwed. All of a sudden, Brian Lawler runs out and attacks Jarrett. He wrestles a chair away from a fan sitting ringside but security breaks it up. They brawl for a bit until security breaks it up as Lawler yells “You know what you did” at Jarrett. All this did was set up a program between Lawler and Jarrett and who really wants to see that.     
Kid Kash & Shark Boy & Slim J vs. Spanish Announce Team
The TNA debut for Kash and Shark Boy. Slim J is just 17 years old here and comes out looking like an Eminem wannabe and is constantly grabbing at his crotch. Jose and Kash start out and trade go-behinds and armdrags for a bit. They then trade slaps and Jose offers a handshake as Kash replies with a middle finger. Joel tags and Kash catches him with a drop toehold. Joel is backdropped to the floor and Kash slingshots out and hits a rana. Shark Boy whips Jose, who flies out on Kash with a tope. Shark Boy with a somersault placnha. Slim J takes Red down with headscissors and goes outside with a moonsault. Red flies out with a corckscrew plancha and Kash with a springboard senton. Kash and Joel are now in the ring. Tag to Slim J and they double team Joel for a bit. Joel holds J in the torture rack position as the rest of the SAT’s come of the top with double stomps. Red was supposed to finish his with a rana to Kash but it wasn’t even close. Joel and Jose have a cool camel clutch/Boston Crab combo on J and Sharkboy. J with a top rope spinkick to Red and tags Kash. He teases a piledriver to Red and gets a spinebuster then elbow drop for two. Up top, Kash powerslams Red but Jose breaks up the pin at two. J tags and gets an enziguiri but misses a phoenix splash. All six men are in the ring and it ends with Kash hitting a double springboard rana on Jose but Red breaks up the pin. He jumps off top and hits a flatliner-like move for two. Sharkboy gets the Explosion (Later known as the Deep Sea Drop) on Red for two as Jose breaks up the pin with a very soft forearm. Kash hits Red with a double underhook piledriver but Jose breaks up the pin attempt. J botches a tilt-a-whirl headscissor attempt on Joel and gets a swinging neckbreaker instead. J climbs up top but Shark Boy is whipped into him and he falls down. Joel with a vertebreaker-type move to Shark Boy as he and Jose then hit J with the Spanish Fly and Red gets the infrafred for the win (10:36) **.
Thoughts: A mediocre spotfest. Kash was by far the best wrestler out of the bunch. He was a hundred times better than Red, who was the second best worker. Shark Boy barely even wrestled and Slim J should not have been on TV. He connected cleanly on like two of his moves. Funny, as Don West proclaimed that this wouldn’t be the last time we would see Slim J on television and I’m pretty sure that it was his only TV appearance.  
Goldylocks is backstage with the Dupps. They state how MTV has the show “Cribs” and they will have their own show called “Sh-ee-ee-ee-ters.” They show Goldy and outhouse that their Grandma died in five years ago. Goldy almost vomits and Bo promises the chocolate inside the toilet won’t taste like a Hershey bar. About as entertaining as it reads.  
Bruce comes down and runs down the women in the crowd and talks about his own beauty and grace. He says all of the married men in the world, including Mike Tenay, are secretly fantasizing about what they can do to him. A faint “you suck dick” chant breaks out as he issues an $5,000 open challenge to any woman in the crowd. After insulting several women, he orders them to bring an overweight, short haired woman in the ring. She is wearing a sweatshirt and shants.
Miss TNA Title $5,000 Open Challenge
Bruce (Champion) vs. Tina Hamilton
Tina spears Bruce then hits him with a slam. She gets a legdrop for two, nearly breaking it in half in the process. She tosses Bruce to the floor and then slams him. She rolls him back in and goes for a suplex but Bruce gets an ugly looking small package for the win (1:50) DUD.
Thoughts: A waste of time. This angle of Bruce being “Miss TNA” just makes this promotion even more embarrassing than it is at this point.
Goldylocks is with Jarrett. She asks him about Lawler and he says he did nothing and talks about Killings. Jarrett says he won’t take crap from anyone then goes in the bathroom and yanks Behrens out of the stall and tosses him down as his pants are down to his ankles.
Bo runs in to Teo, and says he will see him in the ring. Per the rules of the Dupps, once you bump into someone, you have a match in the ring.
Last Man Standing
Malice w/James Mitchell vs. Don Harris
Tenay says that the New Church have been barred from the building. Malice punches away but gets caught with a sideslam. Harris with a few chairshots to the head and Malice gets up at eight. He then throws powder at Harris and knocks him to the floor. He throws more powder at Harris then hits him with a chair. Harris gets tossed into the guardrails repeatedly then thrown off the stage. Malice goes underneath the ring and pulls out a long chain but gets knocked down. He then gets chokes out and Harris uses the chain some more. In the ring, Malice is bleeding from forehead as he beats on Harris. Harris boots the chair into Malice’s face and he sets up the table, almost breaking off one of the legs. Malice then powerbombs Harris. He tries for chokeslam but Harris gets a DDT. Both men are down for a bit until Malice puts Harris on top and hits a super backsuplex, crashing through the table. Harris gets up just in time and wins the match (7:05) *. After the match, Harris offers a fist bump to Malice, who accepts.
Thoughts: The booking of Malice by TNA is awful. They make him out to be a monster, yet he loses all of the time. How many times do you see a guy portrayed as a badass lose a Last Man Standing match when they go through a table suplexing a guy off of the top rope? The end with Malice and Harris respecting each other is somewhat intriguing but guys are turning constantly in this promotion.  
Goldylocks is with the Dupps. Stan is deathly afraid of midgets and Bo tries to console him with positive thoughts, which are all redneck stereotypes.
Dupp Cup Invitational Match
Teo vs Bo Dupp
Teo crotches Bo using the ropes then hits Borash with a headbutt to the groin. Once again, West does the announcing solo with the microphone at ringside. He hits Bo with a trashcan lid then with a chair. Teo rides Horsey-Poo and crotches Bo, who pulled down his pants. Stan is shown split-screen hiding near the announcers table. Stan lost 5 points because he “screamed like a pussy.” Bo knocks down Teo and hits a splash. He grabs a chair and toilet seat from the audience. He bounces a pan off of Teo’s head then hits him with a chair. Having West yell the score on the mic is grating. Bo takes Stan’s board, which reads “No lil’ peepl” and Teo thrugh. Stan gooses West then goes to Sara the Ticket Lady but gets beat with a broom. The outhouse is wheeled out to the ramp and Bo opens it up only to see Puppet, who hits him with a kendo stick. Teo then dunks Bo’s head in the toilet for the win (4:24) -**.
Thoughts: At least it was shorter than last week but the whole “Dupp Cup” process is a f------ catastrophic mess. No one remembers the scoring and West just yells the score out loud all the time and you can barely keep track.
Video recap of feud between Elix Skipper and Monty Brown
Detroit Street Fight
Elix Skipper vs. Monty Brown
Skipper cuts a promo before the match saying how this is his house and that he will throw him out the door. Weak stuff. Skipper waits for Brown to come out the ramp but gets caught from behind. Brown rolls Skipper down the ramp and press slams him through the middle ropes. In the ring, Brown chokes out Skipper with his shirt. He tosses Skipper to the floor but gets caught with a shot to the mid-section with a chain. Skipper chokes out Brown with the chain and throws him into the guardrail. Skipper tosses a stop sign, chain, and trash can into the ring but Brown hits him and rolls him inside. Skipper uses the trashcan lid and gets two. Brown goes for a crossbody but Skipper uses the matrix and Brown hits the trashcan and falls outside. Skipper places the can on Brown and hits a slingshot corkscrew splash for two, hurting himself in the process. In the ring, Skipper uses the stop sign until Brown stops it with a punch. Huh. Alpha-lution (Catatonic out of a powerslam position) by Brown sets up the Alphabomb on top of the trashcan for the win (5:42) *1/4.
Thoughts: Not very good. Skipper isn’t the best brawler on the planet either and he and Brown had little chemistry. Also, this match just followed a Last Man Standing and a Hardcore match so the Street Fight stuff was really old at this point. The crowd felt the same way too.
Goldylocks with the Flying Elvises. Siaki has his back turned as Yang and Estrada use Elvis mannerisms and show black armbands to aknowledge the anniversary of Elvis pasising away. Siaki breaks it up by stating how Elvis died while taking a dump on the toilet and how this team is about one thing only, Sonny Siaki. He says kids should look up to him instead of a bloated mess like Elvis. Segment was alright in the sense that it made sense storyline-wise as it furthers the separation of Siaki from his group.
NWA-TNA X Division Championship Elimination Match
Low Ki (Champion) vs. Sonny Siaki vs. Jorge Estrada vs. Jimmy Yang
Siaki tosses Ki, who lands on his feet. Siaki blocks a whip but Ki comes back with a rolling Koppu Kick. Siaki catches Ki out of the Tidal Crush and hits a powerbomb. Estrada tags himself in and gets a running shooting star press for two. Trip to Graceland (rolling fireman’s slam) by Estrada but Ki gets feet up on a moonsault attempt. Ki with some vicious kicks to the chest. He then gets the Bite of the Dragon but Siaki breaks it up. Dragon applied to Siaki but he dumps Ki and Estrada gets a split-legged moonsault for two as Siaki breaks up the pin. Yang tags and gets a shoulderblock and spinning heel kick. They then trade shots as Ki picks up Yang and places him in the corner. Yang with a kick and hanging neck lock. Yang catches Ki in the sleeper but that is countered to back suplex. Tag to Estrada and he and Yang go at it. Estrada takes him outside then follows out with a springboard senton. Yang lands on his feet after a DDT and gets a dropkick. Yang with Boston Crab and Estrada submits (6:38). Ki and Yang are in the ring. Yang with a clothesline then a missile dropkick gets two. Backbreaker by Yang and he heads up top but Siaki knocks him off and Ki gets the Ki Crusher for the pin (7:53). Siaki in with a Samoan Drop for two. Both men then clothesline each down. Ki with a forearm and springboard kick. More kicks to the chest by Ki until Siaki breaks it up with a punch.  Siaki then gets hit by Yang, which is barely shown on camera, and Ki rolls him up for the win (9:21) **1/4.
Thoughts: Match was alright. However, instead of the X-Division title, the focus was on the Flying Elvises. You’d think that they could have had some other type of match to further along their conflict.
Pre-Taped footage from earlier today as Goldy and cameraman go with Lynn into his car. He says he has to take care of business somewhere. Goldy asks him about AJ and he says that they will be on the same page and get the job done. He parks the car at a store and ambushes AJ. He knocks AJ into a tub and calls him a “punk.” This storyline is completely played out.
Jive Talkin’ with Disco Inferno. He welcomes actor Dean Baldwin, who he states is part of the Baldwin family. Dean is actually Shark Boy without the mask. He has a martini and cigarette and promotes is film “Urban Heartthrobs” with actors Frank Stallone, Carrot Top, and Jason Priestly. This drags on painfully and Lawler comes out stating how he doesn’t “give a s---” about this show and bitches about Jarrett. Dean asks Lawler if he wants an autograph then tells him to beat it, stating he is busy. Lawler kicks his ass and security comes out to break up the melee. Terrible segment. Disco spent the interview asking Dean to give gossip about the Baldwin family and the comedy featured here did not garner any laughter.
Stan is with Goldylocks says he will never come back to TNA while Bo is beside himself. Thankfully, this will be the last appearance of the Dupps in TNA.
NWA-TNA World Tag-Team Championship Match
Jerry Lynn & AJ Styles (Champions) vs. Jeff Jarrett & Ron Killings
Lynn comes out solo as Tenay notes how AJ has not been seen at all today at the arena. Truth and Jarrett beat on Lynn until AJ runs in the ring. He kicks his opponents as the crowd is silent. Lynn charges and AJ ducks, allowing him to clothesline Killings. Lynn with a plancha on Killings and AJ dropkicks Jarrett. Slingshot corkscrew splash by AJ gets two. Jarrett charges and gets taken down with a drop toehold and rolls out of the ring. AJ with an Asai Moonsault and almost kills himself as Jarrett barely catches him. Killings and Lynn brawl outside then take it in the ring. Lynn ducks an axe kick as Jarrett beats the crap out of Styles outside the ring. Lynn floats over then gets a monkey flip. AJ fights back against Jarrett and the camera is showing both fights in the same shot. Lynn bulldogs Killings from the top rope but Jarrett breaks up the pin at two. Lynn ducks a discus clothesline by AJ and it hits Jarrett. AJ & Lynn try a double back drop on Truth but he stops that and AJ goes for a springboard moonsault but in a f----- up spot Lynn puts his hands up as AJ overshot it by a mile and he sells the move. Jarrett beats on Lynn then gets a sitout slam for two. Tag to Killings, who gets a wheelbarrow slam for two. Lynn manages a rollup for two but Truth goes low then gets the axe kick for two. Tag to Jarrett who knocks AJ off of the apron and beats on Lynn. He goes for the Stroke but Lynn counters and attempts a backslide. Lynn then catches Jarrett in a sleeper but Jarrett reverses and gets a sleeper of his own. Lynn escapes and tries a figure-four but Jarrett reverses and Lynn grabs the ropes. Killings tags and gets a slam for two. Leg lariat gets two. He places Lynn up top but takes too long and Lynn gets a tornado DDT and both men are down and they eventually tag out. AJ kicks Jarrett in the chest then gets a spinning heel kick. Jarrett tries a rollup but AJ rolls through and goes for the Styles Clash until Truth breaks it up. All four men are now in the ring. AJ and Lynn use double team moves and AJ is looking sloppy as he was supposed to get a springboard flying forearm but ended up hittng Lynn instead, by accident. Styles charges at Jarrett but he leapfrogs and AJ takes out the ref by accident. Lynn gets the cradle piledriver on Killings but the ref is still down and Jarrett breaks it up. He gets the Stroke on Lynn and shortly after that, AJ comes off the top rope with a Spiral Tap on Killings. The ref crawls over and counts to three as both men have made the cover (12:20) **1/2. Two refs are now arguing over who won until Bob Armstrong comes out and takes the belts, stating they will be held up until further notice. He tells Truth he will defend the Heavyweight Championship against Monty Brown next week then says that AJ and Lynn fight in a #1 contender’s match for the X-Division title. Lynn then asks for a Falls Count Anywhere but AJ wants a No DQ match. Bob says that they will both have their matches next week and will have a ten-minute Ironman match as the third fall if necessary. Jarrett says that he wants his title match but Armstrong says he has a surprise for him and that he better lace his boots tight.
Tenay runs down next weeks card until he turns it over to West for the hard sell. West explains to us how a two-out-of-three falls match works and that Low Ki will have an elimination match against the SAT, similar to the match with the Elvises this week. Also, Sonny Siaki vs. Jimmy Yang in a 2-out-of-3 falls match. West is more out of breath at the end of this than Vince from F4W is at any point of his broadcasts. Cameras then cut out back as Lawler is choking out Jarrett stating that he will kill him and that ends the show.
Thoughts: Match was the best of the night. The crowd was dead up until the end as they had no idea who they should be cheering for. The AJ/Lynn storyline is a complete clusterfuck, as both men keep ambushing each other and Jarrett is the top heel. The finish wasn’t bad as it gives them a chance to focus on tag-teams instead of partners who hate each other.
Final Thoughts: The day after this show, TNA lost their financial backer, which was HealthSouth. This caused them to cut back on talent, which is noticeable next show. For this show, it was another subpar effort. The Dupp segments, Miss TNA, and Jive Talkin’ were embarrassingly bad. Plus, having three hardcore-style matches in a row got tiresome and booking a pair of two-out-of-three falls matches for next week is going to do the same thing. I didn’t mind them essentially resetting the tag-division though.