Favorite Stone Cold/Rock moment?

I was discussing with posters on a message board on the hope that WWE will do a Greatest Rivalries DVD covering the Rock/Austin feuds, and it had me wondering what Scott's and everyone else's favorite moment was involving those two. My favorite moment is actually an off-air one, where The Rock is drinking beer with Stone Cold, only to take a Stunner, pop to his feet, stumble around while taking one more sip of the beer, and walk right into another Stunner, selling it with his signature handspring backflip. As far as something on-air, WrestleMania XIX post-match, where Rocky shoves the ref away to say his private words to Stone Cold. That's a pretty awesome moment of respect right there between two of the greats.

I'm still partial to Rock adlibbing "The Rock thinks you should fire him" and then Vince trying not to crack up while tell him to stay out of it.