Daniel Bryan Push

Hey Scott, longtime reader, Blog of Doom lurker, etc etc.
It's pretty clear that Daniel Bryan is the WWE"s most over heel and one of the most over superstars they have now. However, given Vince's bias against pushing smaller workers, why not go the Shawn Michaels root and give him a bodyguard. By WWE logic, Bryan can get wins and the faces won't lose their heat. I'm thinking Matt Morgan might be perfect for the role. There's perfect logic for it now with AJ as Raw GM, Bryan could claim he needs the back-up because AJ is out to get him and it's an unsafe work environment. Hearing Bryan's whining would be priceless.  Plus it gives Bryan someone new to belittle. Thoughts?

No way dude, the bodyguard is such a tired trope at this point.  He could perhaps have Kane as his bodyguard and that would be OK, but otherwise Shawn Michaels is one of the only people to escape the Bodyguard Curse unscathed.  Usually what happens is they look at the big guy playing the bodyguard and they're like "Holy cow, he looks awesome standing next to the little guy, so let's push HIM instead!"  John Cena is the only other guy to duck this trend I can think of, but on the other side of the coin you've got Brian Kendrick (Big Zeke), Tyson Kidd (whoever his bodyguard was, can't remember), Berlyn (The Wall), almost Shawn twice (Nash and then Sid), and a whole bunch of others.  Sometimes both guys get f----- over, like Carlito and Jesus.  But rarely does anyone actually benefit.