GM/Power Struggle storylines

Hey Scott, just wanted your thoughts on this.  I, like many, am getting bored with the stale product of the WWE.  One of your bloggers, Tommy Hall at actually pointed this out and it seems that the WWE only does these power struggle storylines with their GM's.  It's been going on for well over a year now.  It started with CM Punk and Vince during the Summer of Punk.  Then it went to Triple H overtaking Vince.  Next it was Triple H vs John Laurinaitis/WWE roster. After that we had Laurinaitis vs Teddy Long.  Then to Laurinaitis vs Cena/Vince(from Mania to whatever their June ppv was, Laurinaitis' GM job was on the line at 3 out of 4 ppvs).  They currently have a little something going on with Booker T/Teddy Long vs Eve on Smackdown and now over at RAW we have AJ vs Vickie.  I mean AJ has been GM for what, a month and they are already doing a power struggle storyline with her?  You could go back even further with that stupid anonymous computer GM and Edge(although at least that had some amusing segments).  Can't this company come up with something different? I guess I shouldn't expect much from a company that would rather get things to trend on twitter than produce an entertaining product.  Are you or even your bloggers getting a little tired of this too? 

Your thoughts

Of course we're all tired of it.  They have three or four storylines that they know how to write and they beat them into the ground because they know they can pop a rating or buyrate with them, even it's diminished returns each time.  That's why someone arranges a wedding every couple of years, or the GM goes evil and screws with the lead babyface, or a midcard heel goes on a losing streak or whatever.  AJ as GM has amounted to skipping out when someone is arguing and then making a match between them, or putting someone in a match with Kane as punishment.  Why do we even need someone to make the matches?  If Punk and Sheamus are arguing to start the show, do we as viewers really need someone to make that logical leap for us instead of just having Sheamus throw out a challenge and then they fight later in the show?  Why is every match treated like punishment?  "Later tonight, you're wrestling ZACK RYDER!" and the heel has to act all shocked as if they were expecting to show up and hang out for three hours even though their chosen profession involves wrestling professionally in a ring and they're already wearing their gear.