Blog Questions

Hey long time reader and big fan here with a few questions for the mailbag.
1. When the day does come that Vince retires and the company is handed off to hhh and Stephanie do you believe that the product will become more coherent and consistent without Vince’s meddling?  Speaking of Vince what is with his intense dislike for southern wrestling?

I think that HHH already has enough power to where we’d probably start noticing a difference if there was going to be a difference.  Plus Steph has been head writer for like 10 years now, so I wouldn’t expect any miracles.  As for Vince and his weird dislikes, a psychiatrist could have a field day with him.  

2. Was shane McMahon respected by the ” boys in the back”? Was he viewed as the bosses kid who took away opportunities from real wrestlers or was he respected for his hard work and bump taking?

He was very respected because he wasn’t a total dick like the rest of his family and he was willing to learn and sell and bump.  I’ve never heard of anyone complaining about Shane. 

3. What is the greatest pay per view main event of all time?

Flair-Steamboat, Wrestlewar 89. 

4. Speaking of great pay per view main events I was watching rock vs austin from wrestlemania 17  and when Austin turned heel it didn’t sound like the audience cared and they cheered anyway. I know it was in Texas but why didn’t Vince take that as a sign that they should drop the heel turn ASAP instead of continuing it?

Because clearly Vince thought he was smarter than his own audience and wanted to prove it. 

5. Whatever happened to yoshiro tajiri? I loved him in ecw and thought he could have gone further with the wwe.

He returned to Japan for what I believe were personal reasons, and then just never came back to the US, and started his own promotion over there.  I think it’s still going or at least only folded very recently. 

6. Who was that guy that sat ringside during all the ppv’s and Monday night raw’s in the 90’s? I remember he had a beard and long hair and always wore black sunglasses any idea who this clown was?

Faith No More Guy!  I don’t know his real name, but that’s what everyone always called him because he resembled the guitar player in the band Faith No More.  I’ve heard he’s a retail store manager and basically travelled from show to show for fun.  

Thank you