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From: "Michael Fitzgerald" Hi Scott Hope you're well Possible discussion for the blog I wonder if WWE have considered maybe turning Jack Swagger babyface? It's either that or fire him really at this point. He's lost so many matches to so many people that he's pretty much a joke. Turning him and giving him some fresh matches might give WWE a chance to change that perception. They could try the "Pro-USA" gimmick with him. Hacksaw Duggan could be getting beaten up by two lower card heels (Hunico and the other one, What's he called? Carpacio?) and Swagger could run in for the save and lead the fans in a "USA" chant. Just a thought Keep it real!
—————– Only the realest.   I had thought they were trying to turn Swagger with the whole breakup angle but God knows that ended up forgotten like everything else.  A standard USA gimmick would work as well as anything else for him at this point.