Terms that irritate you

Hey Scott
Saw you dislike of the usage of "IWC". Are there any other terms that piss you
off? I still loathe it when the term "WWE Universe" is used. Then there are
terms that USED to mean something, but are just ridiculous like "extreme"…

I'm doing questions this weekend on my backup netbook using a USB-tethered internet connection through my phone, so I might not be as verbose as I usually am because every second I'm online makes me want to smash the computer in frustration at how f------ slow it is.  Plus Tyson Kidd wished me a happy birthday on Facebook and then told me off, so that kind of hurt.  I decided to forgo any birthday presents this year in exchange for a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S2X) and a new laptop next week, so if anyone wants to contribute as their birthday present to me, now is the time!  

Anyway, yes, I REALLY hate the term IWC, as though we all have a convention every year where I hang out with CRZ and coordinate whether we're going to enjoy TNA that month or not.  Which is of course silly because there have been many, many weeks where my opinions on stuff differ drastically from people on this very site, or Todd Martin, or whoever.  Oddly my TNA ratings have been spot on with the guy on the Observer site every week for some reason.  
WWE Universe is also incredibly stupid.  Michael Cole's "building momentum" is a totally meaningless and annoying term.  Russo pretty much ruined "shoot", although "format sheet" also makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out whenever I hear it.  "Socially active" sounds like something like 55 year old marketing executives came up with to appeal to 12 year olds, which probably isn't far from the truth.  
There's way more, but that will get people started.