Fwd: 10 years ago: Brock v HHH (v Rock)

———- Forwarded message ———- Hey Scott!
As we continue towards SummerSlam and the booking prospects at WrestleMania, I thought your faithful would be interested in this. 10 years ago today there was a triple threat match between Brock Lesnar, HHH and The Rock in front of 50,000+ in Melbourne.
Part 1: http://youtu.be/6y7QDEt99NY
Part 2: http://youtu.be/0-XL0gzG-hk
There's also a post-match DVD extra that's really worth checking out for the Rock-HHH lovefest: http://youtu.be/qmFg3ZMxSTg
Actually, the entire event's worth a look. There's a solid Edge v Jericho match (with Jericho rocking the mic before the bell and going off on the Australian crowd). Plus, it appears the commentary track was done in-studio after the fact and not live at ringside. Cole & Tazz are all jokes and seemingly without much direction. Fun stuff!