Most hated

On fact has arisen in the last couple of years, there are a decent amount of wrestlers who are well liked.  Harley Race and Terry Funk are pretty much bulet-roof, Bruno and Bob Backlund are usually very respected even some who get ons of criticism from former coworkers like Hogan and Dusty get a decent amount of love from some of their detrators.  Flair has been losing a lot of his luster recently but his haters are almost always outnumbered, even Kevin Sullivan gets a good amount of love.  So my question to you would be, Who is the most hated in your book?  Who would get no friend requests on their facebook status?  From all indications it seems to be either Tom Zenk and the worldwide leader ahead of him by a mile seems to be Ole Anderson.  With the exception of a few very minute positive things, I never hear one good thing about either of these guys.  Thoughts

I suppose Kevin Sullivan might have garnered more sympathy in the past few years for obvious reasons, but I wouldn't say he was exactly a popular guy or anything.
Ole Anderson by far is the winner.  Tom Zenk burned all his bridges in spectacular fashion, but I don't think anyone really HATES the guy.  Ole once told Vince to go f--- himself and called Linda a very bad name, so it's doubtful his legacy in wrestling will continue to exist once he's gone.  Bill Watts is not exactly a popular guy either, given that he's a giant asshole much of the time and the people who REALLY hate him (ie, Shawn and Hunter) are the ones who in control of the business now.