Best Bumps Ever?

Hey Scott,

Last night in the Destination X live thread we briefly talked about the craziest bumps in the history of wrestling and where the Styles Clash into a table onto the concrete fit. For me I think it's the craziest thing short of Foley in '98 but others were saying that Edge/Hardy at TLC or Edge/Foley at WM were even crazier.

What do you and the rest of the blog think? What are, in order, the top 5 sickest bumps ever?

Thanks for the decade+ of wasted time man!

Well nothing is topping Foley in the Cell, obviously.  ECW had its share of crazy stuff, like Brian Lee chokeslamming Tommy Dreamer through a bazillion tables.  Foley also used to take mundane stuff and make it insane by taking flat back bumps onto concrete, so I'd have to rank his powerbomb bump against Vader on WCW Saturday Night right up there as well.  In a way those kind of bumps are "sicker" than the cartoonish Cell bumps because they're right there in your face.