Dewey vs Dominic

H Scott,
We’ve seen plenty of 2nd and 3rd generation stars, but is there anyone who’s been in front of the camera as children as much as Dewey Foley and Rey’s kid Dominic? I’d love to see both of them become future stars, with Dewey as the heel (twisted from being traumatized watching his dad) vs a face Dominic, wearing his father’s mask. The video packages with old footage of them watching their parents in action could be epic.
Is there anyone else who has been on TV “growing up before our eyes” then making it on TV themselves as a wrestler? The only one I can think of is Ritchie Steamboat…I remember a photo piece in old WWF Magazine about Ricky and Bonnie Steamboat welcoming their “little dragon” into the world.

Personally I'd rather that they get a good education with their fathers' money and do something other than wrestling, but maybe that's the cynic in me talking.  

But no, the only one I can think of "growing up on TV" is Richie, unless you count Reid Flair, but then he doesn't seem like he's going to follow Ric into the business anyway.  As always, it makes me feel old that I can still remember Ricky introducing the Little Dragon to the world after Wrestlemania.