Another Question About FCW

I agree with your recent take that a developmental system would be best designed to teach young guys how to work, rather than assigning them a gimmick for the future.  This being said, doesn't that make it an extra waste of time for creative to take the time to throw someone like Shaul Guerrero in the random name and personality generator when the end result is that they bring on Vickie Guerrero to FCW to establish that she is the mother of "Raquel Diaz".  With all the second- and third-generation wrestlers at FCW, this just seems silly.
Similarly, although I understand the desire to create names of their own to trademark, I really don't understand the desire to extensively rebrand some of these people who were very well established at ROH.  With the tag team division an afterthought, they could easily reunite the "Kings of Wrestling" with the likely soon-to-be-signed Sara Del Ray and give them a much bigger push than Antonio Cesaro, Kassius Ohno, and Ashley Poindexter (or whatever they choose to call her) would get in the meantime.
What do you think?
Bill Barker

Oh yeah, developmental is currently a giant waste of time.  I think HHH is legitimately determined to overhaul it, but the lame gimmick names and "characters" are an uphill battle.  I think ultimately the best strategy is to just take some of these guys out on the road and field-test these stupid gimmicks and see what gets over and what doesn't.  Hell, didn't they take Dean Ambrose out on the road months ago to get him ready for his big debut?  Whatever happened to THAT guy?  Anyway, I don't get why they don't just buy ROH and treat them like developmental, because then they've got people doing 70% of the work for them.