Big Fat Heel

Hey Scott,
I hope you're enjoying your vacation. I'm pretty envious of you.
As there appears to be an old school nostalgia wave on the blog this week, it got me thinking of a question:  could the Big Fat Heel/Foreign Monster system work today like it did with Hogan back in the 80's?
In the new PG era of WWE with super hero John Cena leading the way, they're throwing back a bit to that era anyway. Could Vince just start getting big awesome looking guys from development/indies/wherever, give them a cool intro, gimmick and look, have them squash midcarders for 6 months until they look unstoppable and then feed them to Cena for a couple PPV's?  Once might Cena emerges victorious they get sent back down to the midcard, development or just released.
If anything it would freshen things up from the usual Cena vs. Orton/Punk/Kane/Show. Your thought?

Sure, and in fact you don't even need the traditional big fat heel, you can build up Antonio Cesaro further as an evil European and then have Cena beat him to avenge the honor of the US, blah blah blah.  The other thing is that instead of the slow 50/50 build they generally do, you can immediately give someone the main event rub by going that route.  Rocket them to the top, have them do a hard-fought job for Cena on PPV to blow it off, and you've created an immediate midcarder who people buy as a threat in that role.  Worked for Hogan and his crew of challengers for a long time, no reason it can't still work today.   King Kong Bundy has been living quite well off indy appearances for a couple of decades now based off Wrestlemania 2.