Hogan in AWA

I watched the Spectacular Legacy of AWA and it was a sentimental journey back to an era wrestling will never see again. Of course, the big question over the years is who would have got Hulk Hogan's spot if he stayed with the AWA. But I have a more interesting question: What would have happened with the AWA if Hogan stayed put?
How far would Verne Gagne let Hogan take his company? Would Gagne let Hogan bring Mr T in? I'm thinking no. But I think for at least the year 1984, the AWA would have been the #1 wrestling company in North America with the WWF, still developing national presence, a fast rising #2. The NWA would be left in the dust as their rosters would be depleted.
What's your opinion? I'd like to know.

Hogan might have been the secret ingredient needed to launch the WWF into the stratosphere, but Verne had WAY more problems than Hogan leaving.  He was only drawing in specific areas even with Hogan, and you knew Hulk wasn't going to be hanging around Minnesota for much longer with Hollywood calling.  Plus Verne had no concept of what wrestling needed to become and in fact he was already behind the times in 84 as it is.  So probably what would have happened is that Hogan's career would have been dragged down with Verne's and he would have left for Japan or Crockett sooner rather than later.