Smackdown – August 24, 2012

August 24, 2012
Rabobank Arena, Bakersfield, California
Michael Cole
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
past Summerslam and Sheamus is still the champion. He kept the title
by pinning Del Rio, but there was some controversy at the end as Del
Rio had his foot on the ropes. Then on Raw, Alberto got pinned by
Orton, so I think we might be seeing another triple threat in the
near future. Well to be fair we haven’t had one in almost five days
so it’s high time for one. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of the title match at Summerslam.
Orton to open things up. He says that he’s never been a glass half
full kind of guy. He’s the kind of guy that would like to shatter
the glass (again with the Austin motif) and beat up the guy that came
up with that stupid expression. Randy says he deserves the world
title shot after beating Del Rio on Monday. However, there are
probably some people that disagree with him in the back, so he
invites them to come out here right now.
he gets Sheamus which isn’t the result he was expecting. Sheamus
talks about how Alberto has lost every chance he’s had at the title
and he’s lost twice in a row now “fair and square”. Sheamus
wants to defend the title against Orton but here’s Booker with a
rebuttal. He asks the fans if they’re interested in seeing Orton vs.
Sheamus….but here’s Alberto to interrupt.
Rio says that Sheamus is a cheater and Orton is an animal. He whines
and whines about how unfair everything is and Booker caves and makes
him #1 contender. Actually scratch that because the whining has made
Booker change his mind. Tonight it’s Del Rio vs. Orton for the title
shot at Night of Champions.
get a recap of Josh Matthews getting injured by Kane at Summerslam.
Teddy Long is filling in for him tonight. Apparently there’s going
to be a different commentator filling in on each match.
vs. Jinder Mahal
pounds Mahal in the face as Cole talks about how Teddy should be
upset that he’s not the boss anymore. Mahal escapes a powerslam and
sends Ryback into the corner to take over. The running knee to the
face gets one but an attempted seated boot at the face is caught by
Ryback. The fans chant FEED ME MORE as Ryback hits a powerslam. The
clothesline and Shell Shock end this at 2:53. Now move Ryback up the
card already.
vs. Alicia Fox
is guest commentator. Tiffany’s song does not work well at all for
Layla. Now I’m not one to usually notice crowd noise being piped in,
but when Layla gets a pop as she holds up the belt and a wide shot
shows almost no one moving, I think there’s something fake there.
Layla hits her double jump springboard cross body for two. Kaitlyn
talks about Natalya complaining about being eliminated from the
battle royal “last night”. Layla gets kicked off the ropes and
Alicia goes after the knee. A half crab is broken up and Layla hits
a high kick for the pin at 2:04. Nothing to see here.
comes out post match and raises both of their hands.
ReBound talks about the end of the show.
brags to Vickie about getting rid of Jericho on Monday. Sheamus pops
in and says there’s no time like the present, so why not have a match
tonight? Ziggler says no but Teddy comes up and says yes.
Cara vs. Heath Slater
is the guest commentator. Cara takes him down with a snapmare to
start and a dropkick puts Slater into the corner. Slater knocks him
to the floor with a shoulder to the ribs to take over and it’s off to
the chinlock. Cody gets in a backhanded compliment to Slater by
saying that this is the only match he has a chance to win this year.
Cara does the corner rope walk into the armdrag to send Slater out to
the floor before hitting a dive over the top. They head back in but
Cody turns Cara’s mask around, allowing Slater to hit a reverse DDT
for the pin at 2:35. This was angle advancement.
goes for the mask again but referees stop him.
vs. Dolph Ziggler
entrance for the champ. Vickie does commentary of course. Ziggler
bails to the floor to start before charging back into a headlock
takeover. Dolph comes back with a chinlock as Vickie runs down AJ.
Sheamus comes back and tries White Noise but Ziggler bails to the
apron. Ziggler trips him up and drops Sheamus onto the apron with a
DDT for two.
to the chinlock followed by a failed sleeper attempt. Sheamus hits
some power strikes followed by the ten forearms in the ropes. White
Noise looks to set up the Brogue Kick but Ziggler bails to the
corner. Vickie slips him the case and he blasts Sheamus with it for
the DQ at 4:55.
C-. The match wasn’t great but
how much can you do in five minutes with a DQ ending? These two have
the chemistry together which is a good thing and I liked that they
didn’t have Ziggler about to lose. He was in trouble but he avoided
the kick and things would have been almost at a standoff after that.
hits Sheamus again with the case and looks to cash in but Sheamus
gets up and stares him down so Ziggler takes the case back and runs.
Barrett is still coming back.
Santino with something to say. Santino talks about how long he was
US Champion and how he doesn’t feel like an American anymore. Then
he ate apple pie and felt better. No seriously, that’s what he said.
Santino isn’t sure if he can talk to the Cobra anymore so he puts it
on and sees if things are ok.
remembers the good times with the Cobra but on Sunday, the Cobra cost
him the title because of its attraction to Aksana. Santino quotes
Roberto De Niro and asks if you can milk him because he has nipples.
Oh wait he meant to quote Rocky Balboa and says if he can change
everybody can change. That fires the Cobra up and he says they can
win the title again.
Cesaro comes out to interrupt with new music. Cesaro does the five
languages thing with the word this week being winner. He says that
unlike Santino, he’s a winner. That fires Santino up and they brawl
on the stage with Santino loading up the Cobra, only to be distracted
by Aksana. The Cobra, not Santino. The distraction lets Cesaro deck
him and leave Santino laying. This is modern WWE for you: we finally
get a young talent like Cesaro pushed to a title and he feuds with a
guy over a sock on the challenger’s hand being attracted to Cesaro’s
vs. Kofi Kingston/R-Truth
here. The Prime Time Players are the guest commentators. Cole
suggests the tag champions have the Players’ number. Titus: “You
mean our phone number?” Kofi and Epico start things off and it’s a
standoff with both guys trying dropkicks. Epico pounds away on him
in the corner and it’s off to Primo. Cole tries to learn the bark as
Epico hits a slingshot hilo for two. Titus does a Booker imitation
as the commentary continues to move further and further away from the
match. Off to Truth who cleans house and hits a gordbuster on Epico.
Everything breaks down and Little Jimmy gets the pin on Primo at
on the Japan tour.
and Truth say they’ll fight anyone. Little Jimmy thinks there’s a
lot of good competition around here. The Players come in and say
they deserve the shot. The Usos, Kidd/Gabriel and Epico/Primo all
come in and it’s a big brawl.
tells Booker the brawl has been broken up. Booker asks Teddy who
deserves the shot. Teddy isn’t sure so Eve comes in and has a
win/loss chart for the teams over the last six months. She’s also
organized his schedule for the next six weeks. Booker is pleased and
Teddy isn’t sure what to think.
video on Kane vs. Bryan.
this show isn’t boring enough already, here’s a long recap of
HHH/Lesnar/HBK from Raw. Seriously that speech made you think HHH
Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio
gets Sheamus presumably at Night of Champions so he’s on commentary
here. They fight for control to start but Randy hits a slingshot
suplex of all things for two and takes over. He hits the slingshot
into the bottom rope but Del Rio comes back with a quick armbar
attempt. That gets countered into a neckbreaker to send Del Rio to
the outside as we take a break.
with Del Rio holding a chinlock. During the break Orton’s arm was
sent into the steps so the arm is hurt as usual. A knee to the ribs
stops Orton’s attempt at a comeback and Alberto pounds away on the
arm. The running enziguri in the corner misses and Orton gets fired
up. Well, as fired up as Orton can get. Orton’s clotheslines set up
the powerslam but the elevated DDT is countered by Del Rio pulling on
Randy’s arm.
the extent of his offense though as Orton hits the backbreaker for
two. Del Rio hits the Codebreaker on the arm out of nowhere for two
and Randy is in trouble again. The armbreaker is countered and a
dropkick puts Del Rio down and gets a delayed two. Elevated DDT
looks to set up the RKO but Del Rio hangs onto the ropes, sending
Orton’s arm into the mat again. There’s the armbreaker and in what
has to be a surprise, Orton taps clean at 6:46 shown of 10:16.
C. The ending was a nice
surprise but at the end of the day, it means Del Rio vs. Sheamus for
the third month in a row with nothing changing at this point. All of
the hope that I had for something new at Night of Champions are gone,
presumably because Orton needs to go film a movie that about 8 people
will admit to seeing. It does at least give Del Rio a clean win over
someone which he’s needed for a long time.
match Del Rio throws a shoe at Sheamus to draw the champ in, allowing
Ricardo and Alberto to beat Sheamus down. With Sheamus down, here’s
Ziggler to cash in but Orton hits an RKO on Dolph for no apparent
reason other than I guess Dolph needs someone new to feud with.
Someone must have landed on the case because there’s a big dent in it
D. Smackdown is such a
mess anymore. We had a bunch of short matches tonight and a bunch of
nonsense. First and foremost, why in the world are there three
people in charge on this show? They’re wasting time on a feud
between Teddy Long vs. Eve Torres. Think about that for a minute.
Other than that, we have Del Rio vs. Sheamus AGAIN, which was dull
the first time, stupid and dull the second time, and grounds for an
insanity defense this time.
have a tag title feud with a bunch of teams and I’d almost bet money
on the Prime Time Players getting the titles after having lost clean
TWICE now to Kofi and Truth, because you couldn’t just put the
freaking belts on them in the first place because….because…..oh
like WWE has any clue why they do what they do with those belts. Oh
and don’t forget the US Title, the same title (in name only) that saw
Tully Blanchard vs. Magnum TA in one of the greatest matches ever,
being fought over because of a sock that has a mind of its own. This
show is a disaster and it’s clear that no one behind the scenes cares
about it at all.
b. Jinder Mahal – Shell Shock
b. Alicia Fox – High Kick to the head
Slater b. Sin Cara – Reverse DDT
b. Dolph Ziggler via DQ when Ziggler used the MITB briefcase
Kingston b. Epico/Primo – Little Jimmy to Primo
Del Rio b. Randy Orton – Cross Armbreaker
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