Plug request/Question for the Blog

First, don't know if you're a big fan of Bruce Springsteen, but my friends and I run and would love a plug to get us some more traffic.  Thanks!
Secondly, I was at No Way Out on Sunday, and even though it wasn't really a good ppv for the most part I still had fun with friends and watching it live.  Having grown up in the NYC area I've been to a few ppvs before, and countless raws, smackdowns, house shows etc.  Basically if it took place at MSG or the Meadowlands from 1994-2005 there's a fairly good chance I was there.  But this Sunday, on the bus ride home,  I saw something I never saw before that really bothered me.  Grown men, who were almost certainly drunk, yelling and cursing at kids who were John Cena fans.  Has the Cena-bashing gone too far?  I'm not a huge Cena fan, and I'd love to see something to freshen up his character.  But I can't imagine even the smarkiest fans thinking this is acceptable.  Personally, if that happened to me as a kid I know my parents would have never taken me to a live event again.  And I'm sure some of these kids parents feel that way.  This could be a huge problem for the WWE, if they're trying to market towards kids but parents don't think it's a safe environment for kids.  Has anyone else heard of such actions, or was this hopefully a one time thing?  Thought it might get some conversation going on the blog.  
Thanks for all the hours of entertainment reading your material.

I haven't bought a Springsteen album since the Human Touch/Lucky Town combo in 91 (plus Greatest Hits, I guess), but I'd count myself as a fan, yeah.

As for Cena-bashing, I think that was a one-time thing.  Most wrestling fans are aware that it's entertainment, and while you can boo Cena as much as you want in the context of the show, you leave that inside the arena.  Hell, I've endured years of obnoxious Hardy Boy fans without ever feeling the need to attack someone over their choice of t-shirt.  Stay classy, San Diego.