Dream Matches we just barely missed out on

Hola, Scott, somewhat of a long time reader, first time writer, etc.
Are there any matches that would be considered 'dream matches' that were almost guaranteed to be ****+ and they just barely didn't happen due to a backstage issue or a quick booking change or anything of the like? One I can think of is Chris Benoit vs CM Punk that was set for Vengeance '07, but you know what happened there… Are there any others that you know of/can think of?

The one that always drives me nuts is that we never got Sting & Luger v. The Megapowers as a PPV headlining match in 1995.  They were even building towards it on the early Nitros!  Of course the most glaring one in history is the total lack of Demolition (Ax & Smash) v. Legion of Doom.  We only ever got it once, at a house show when Crush was out, but every other match in the feud was either a six-man with Warrior or Smash & Crush as the team.