Ken Shamrock

Hey Scott,
I've been watching old 1997-1998 Raw is Wars and PPVs lately. Has there ever been a less charismatic wrestler that was pushed as much as Ken Shamrock? It seems like they REALLY wanted to push him first as a face, then as a heel, but no one bought into him despite his history in the UFC. He was terrible on the mic and just bland in the ring. Your thoughts?

Well Ken and Tito Ortiz went on to draw the biggest UFC buyrate of all-time to that point, one which beat almost every wrestling PPV in history as well, so I wouldn't say he didn't have charisma.  Shocking as it sounds, I think it was more just that WWF didn't know how to use him correctly.  
By the way, for those wondering, Impact is coming this afternoon, as I finally got a chance to go see Amazing Spider-Man last night.  LOVED IT.  I just wish we didn't have three other Spider-Man movies preceding it treading the same territory, because this would have blown me away if it was the first one done.  But I loved that it was pretty much dead on to the Ultimate Universe comics and Andrew Garfield totally nailed that spirit of Peter Parker and wisecracking Spider-Man.