Question about Wrestling in Personal Lives

Hey Scott,
Wanted to share a story and generate discussion for the blog. How many people are shamed/embarrassed about watching wrestling?
I work in a professional workplace and we were on a conference call with a client. The client put us on hold, and the song on his line was Real American. One of the bosses at my job got excited, "I love this song! Hulk Hogan! Anyone remember this?" I looked around the room and everyone was pretending to have no idea what he was talking about. And rather than man up and admit my love for wrestling, I did nothing and kept it to myself.

I'm just too ashamed to admit that I like wrestling and have been a fan my whole life. My close family and friends know, but I'll never admit that I watch it to an acquaintance, much less my co-workers. Is this common amongst wrestling fans? I'm tired of defending myself and dealing with the looks of disgust/pity when I tell someone I'm a wrestling fan. People openly talk about Jersey Shore and other shows that should be embarrassing, so why can't I admit to it?

Scott, I'd imagine that you're not ashamed considering you've written books and generated a healthy amount of income from it. But for us non-blogging/ranting entrepreneurs, are you mostly closet fans? Or do you not care what others think?

People in my real life know I watch wrestling and that I've written books, and it's not like anyone has been like "Man, don't you know wrestling is fake?"  Although generally people at work are more likely to talk UFC with me than WWE, but I'm always happy to talk about either one if someone wants to.  That being said, there's always been much less of a stigma associated with wrestling in Canada, so it might be different for people in the US, I dunno.