Wrestling’s Mindset List

I dunno if anyone is familiar with the Mindset List, but it’s a list of cultural touchstone moments that Beloit College puts out every year to describe their incoming freshmen: ie. to this year’s kids Kurt Cobain has always been dead, there have always been blue M&Ms, they have never seen an airplane “ticket”, etc. You can read the list right here, some of it is really esoteric, biased, and pointless and some of it will just make you feel old. So I had the thought that this would be a fun one to put together for the blog, related to wrestling. I’ll jump start you off with a few choice ones. For this year’s entering class of college freshmen:

1: Andre the Giant has always been dead.

2. Hulk Hogan was in WCW when they were born.

3. Ted DiBiase (Sr.) has never wrestled a match in their lifetime.

4. Vince McMahon’s wrestling company has been called WWE longer than it was called WWF in their lifetimes, and…

5. Hulk Hogan has never gone on last at a Wrestlemania in their lifetimes.

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