Dirt Sheets and New Generation

Hey Scott,
Long time reader and fan. Had two questions or you/the blog.
1- Was curious if you ever read any other newsletters besides WON? For whatever reason I have always subscribed to the Torch and think it's very good. Was also curious if any newsletters like WON or the Torch ever approached you about doing your reviews for their newsletters? Seems like it would be a "Liz and Randy marriage made in heaven" type partnership,

I read a bit of a Torch for a while during a period when I had people passing it on to me second-hand and I wasn't a huge fan.  I've been a faithful WON subscriber otherwise since the Monday Night Wars.  No, I've never had an offer to do reviews for them, although stuff where it requires that I'm on a deadline is a recipe for disaster anyway.  Plus Dave isn't a particularly big fan of my writing.  

2- It feels to me like this era of wrestling (from WM27 when The Rock came back to now) has been predicated on part time stars returning every once in awhile and it makes for a wierd feel. Other than Punk's rise what else has really changed or happened? The past 2 years and going forward are booked to just get the company to "When the next star comes back for a brief run" Brock, Y2J, HHH, Undertaker etc…
You can tell all their focus is just getting to Rumble when Rock returns or whenever Brock and HHH have a rematch in a few months. While I like the stars of the past, wouldn't it be better for the companies growth if they just went with a "new generation" like after Hogan and Savage left and let the chips fall where they may. I mean Undertaker, HHH, Y2J can't headline the next ten years of Wrestle Manias, so isn't now the time to be pushing new guys to the moon?

The time for that was three years ago, and now we're suffering the consequences of not making any new stars AND having three hours of TV to fill on Mondays.  The closest they came was The Miz but that got really f----- up and died off again.  What's really scary is that pretty soon guys like Cena and Orton, who were supposed to be the big stars of their generation and are carrying the company, are going to start a pretty dramatic downward career turn just by virtue of getting older.  And there's no one to replace them.  Maybe Punk, maybe Bryan?