WWE ’12

I had a bunch of credit at EBGames after purging my game collection, so I finally took the plunge and picked up WWE '12 yesterday.  Gotta say, aside from cosmetic changes on the menus and such, there's not much in the way of improvements or even differences from SVR'11.  I like the expanded roster and just went ahead and bought the Fan Axxess pack thing because I can't be bothered to play through all the Road to Wrestlemania stuff to unlock everyone.  I had a pretty epic LOD v. Demolition showdown, but it seems like they only did a model of Ax and then cloned him for Smash.  Kind of annoying because Smash doesn't wrestle anything like himself, and you'd think that they'd have more reference points on Darsow than Eadie.  Universe mode is interesting but annoying as always, and of course I tried to go online and the servers were down on my very first try.  

I dunno, it was new for $30 and I paid nothing for it because of trade credit, but man does this seem like a lazy "upgrade" over the previous year's game.  Given all the hype from WWE I thought the engine would have been overhauled, but really it just seems like a roster update.  Although one touch in presentation that was much better:  The bell that rings at the start of the show.  Sounds very authentic and it's a nice touch that immediately improves the feeling.