PPV Preferences

I was entertained pretty much the entire Summerslam PPV, with nothing really blowing me away. I'd say every match was in the **1/2-***1/2 range and nothing on the show is what I would consider "bad." But I still can't decide whether I got my money's worth. So here is the question I pose: would you prefer to watch a PPV like last night (nothing terrible, with everything ranging from **1/2-***1/2) or a pretty bad PPV with 1 or 2 classics (think WMX or Summerslam 1995)?  

Kind of a tricky question because it depends on how bad the bad was, but generally I prefer a more consistently solid PPV than one where I'm going nuts due to the crap being foisted on me for 80% of it and then having the show saved by a ***** classic.