Notes from SummerSlam

Hey Scott, So I just got back from SummerSlam here in LA and herea few fun notes from the Pay Per View.
-"Yes" chants were very prevailant on the way into the arena itself so you could imagine the match (more on that later)
-There was probably just as many CM Punk fans as Cena fans, and more vocal
-David Arquette passed by my line to get inside and he looks HORRIBLE, I thought rehab was supposed to improve you, clearly Arquette is no Robert Downey Jr.
-Say what you will about him, but santino is over like a mofo, the crowd loved cheering him
-The crowd loved Jericho, anything he did got a huge cheer
-As noted sooner "Yes" chants were prevailant, especially when Bryans' titantron came on, you couldn't hear much of anything, you'd think he was a face still
-Clearly Kevin Rudolf is a better person than Fred Durst, both got booed out of the building, but Rudolf rolled with it
-In a town that's mostly Mexican, Del Rio got a huge reaction in the arena, some people were not happy with the ending.
-During the tag team match, the fans were so enthralled in the match, that at one point they were chanting "Kobe Bryant"
-In the triple threat match, CM Punk was a clear face, Show was the heel, but Cena got just as many booes as Show sprinkled with kids cheers.  Huge pop for Punk when he won
-Yeah Brock/HHH got the most heat, but they were BRUTAL with Hunter after the match, I was near the area that started the "You tapped out" chants
fun night though