Booking changes

Big fan of your blog after having just stumbled across it.  Was reading your SS repost and was intrigued that Vince actually caved to Venturas demand of not wanting to raise a heels hand and actually switched his booking plans from HHH going over to Mick going over.
Was wondering if you could give me just a few other examples of big time booking changes happening on the fly like that due to someone not wanting to job or outside circumstances.  I know Montreal is the most obvious example but everyone keeps saying Austin refusing to job outright to HHH at SS.  Never heard of this, could you elaborate? Didn't UT refuse to job to Brock for awhile, and HHH refuse to job to Goldberg?  Guessing most are Clique related?
I'm sure you know a ton of these, If you could just post and get it started im sure the bloggers will take over the rest.
Thanks aton, John

Brock didn't directly refuse to job to Brock as such, he just kept vetoing the finish.  Austin did famously refuse to job to Brock in 2002, however, leading to his departure and a rebooking of the King of the Ring tournament.  Austin didn't want to job to HHH outright because he (rightly) felt that HHH wasn't at that level and it would hurt both of them.  HHH from later on, like with Goldberg, is a special case because he was in a position of power that most people couldn't achieve, so you couldn't really tell him to go out and do a job to someone.  But he did change the finish to a BUNCH of matches in 2002-03, including Goldberg, RVD, Kane, Booker T and even Bubba Dudley, most of which have been discussed to death here already.