Wade Barrett…the next huge star?

I'm interested in your thoughts on this.  I've been watching a lot of the WWE documentaries on Netflix recently, and it seems to me that Wade Barrett is going to be the next huge star in WWE.  A common theme for all of the big stars is that almost all of them say that they finally got over big when they were able to get rid of their original character and be themselves.  I know that this is not a news flash, you've said this before, but I think you might have overlooked something recently.  The recent Wade Barrett promo was him as a tough as nails bare-knuckles brawler, which is his real life back story.  You made a funny comment about it, but I think you might be missing the start of something big.  In my opinion, this promo is going to be the start of the next "rocket up his ass" push.  Barrett fits the mold of all of their recent super-duper stars….a guy that started with an impact, led a mid-card group, was IC champ, challenged for the world title and clearly wasn't ready, and has a good back story with some of the main event players. The standard protocol in this situation is for him to start as a heel and then become a face as he wins over the fans.  As an added prediction, I think CM Punk or D-Bry could be the Brett to his Austin. 


Dude, they've been trying desperately to "make" Wade Barrett ever since his debut.  I have no doubt they're gonna push him to the moon until he gets over or we all die from boredom trying.  I have no beef with the guy, and he's got a really good "superstar" demeanour to him, and if "old timey bare knuckles brawler" is what gets him to the next level, GREAT!  However, WWE just hasn't had a great record of protecting their top prospects, to say the least.  I'd love to have someone new and fresh in the main event so I don't have to watch Big Show there anymore, so if that means I need to start joining the Barrett Barrage now, then sign me up.