Tag Teams and Managers

Hey Scott,
With the recent rumblings that Vince (or creative) wants a surge in the tag team scene and that they seem to be getting back into managers being on screen my question to you is: why did they die out?
I've read stuff about Vince saying tag teams don't draw which seems absolutely mental. The attitude/tlc era drew big time in regards to tag teams. Not only did it give him big money matches in the TLC's etc. but it eventually led to 3 world champions. Not to mention the 80's era with the Harts, Demolition, Bulldogs etc. So why did his opinion all of a sudden change and he feel that tag team wrestling just didn't matter anymore?

Same with managers. While they don't draw as much as a good tag team will, they serve their purpose for sure. Bearer, Sherri, Heenan etc. all added to feuds with their clients and you can argue without them certain angles and such would never have gotten over.
I've just always been baffled why the WWE gave up on all of this when it's made them money.

His opinion changes all the time on tag teams.  One week they're going to rebuild the division around the Hart Dynasty or Air Boom, and the next it's back to the belts being an afterthought held by midcarders with nothing else going on.  Hell, you don't even need to have tag teams as a main event program:  Santino & Kozlov were an awesome opening match comedy gimmick that people were into and it wasn't hurting a single person to have them as tag champions for an extended run.  It was exactly the right usage of Kozlov as well.  Or if you go the other route and have a couple of main eventers win the belts, then drop them to a midcard team, you've elevated the belts and the midcard team in one shot.