NXT – August 15, 2012

August 15, 2012
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Jim Ross, William Regal, Byron Saxton
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
to Florida for another show. We’re into the semi-finals of the
tournament now with the finals likely coming next week. Other than
that we’ll probably have a few random matches which have been hit or
miss lately. This show has consistently been the best show on
TV/online in the last few months and hopefully it continues to do
that today. Let’s get to it.

Steamboat says this is a big night for him but he’s ready. Mahal
comes up and says something in whatever language he speaks in, then
of course translates it to English as is the custom for anyone who
speaks multiple languages.
Rush Tournament Semi-Finals: Jinder Mahal vs. Richie Steamboat
pounds him into the corner to start and hits a back elbow to the
face. Steamboat comes back with a fast dropkick for two and it’s an
armdrag into an armbar ala his Papa. Mahal gets up and hits a
neckbreaker followed by a running knee to the head for two. Off to a
chinlock as JR is philosophizing about the future. Steamboat fires
off some clotheslines but an enziguri misses. Mahal can’t hook the
Camel Clutch so Steamboat gets some rollups for two. Mahal loads up
a superplex but gets shoved down. Steamboat misses I think a
dropkick off the top and gets caught in the Camel Clutch for the tap
at 4:43.
D+. This was a shorter match
than I was expecting. These two both left surprising impressions on
me. Steamboat is a very boring guy. He’s just the son of Ricky
Steamboat and that’s it. Mahal on the other hand is an interesting
case. When he’s on the main roster, I don’t care about him at all.
He’s just an Indian guy who is apparently from an upper class. He
gets beaten every time he’s in the ring and I have no reason to care.
Here on NXT he’s able to get some wins and now when people beat him
I’ll care more. See how easy it is WWE? You don’t have to have you
heels lose half the time.
Kruger says something in another language and takes out his tooth.
He says something has been bothering him and brewing inside of him.
He sounds like a psycho here.
Heath Slater with a microphone. He wants everyone to take a minute
and look at him. Slater talks about facing the legends on Raw lately
but that’s going to change now. The fans want Frosties. He makes an
open challenge to anyone in the back which is rarely a good idea.
Slater vs. Scotty 2 Hotty
there’s a name I didn’t think I’d be typing. Scotty looks slimmer
than he used to but he’s in good shape. Slater grabs the arm to
start but gets run over by a shoulder. Scotty pauses for a second
before Slater charges into an armdrag. We stop again to raise the
roof but Slater knocks him down to keep us in this century with the
playing to the crowd. Off to a chinlock which is pretty quickly
released. A neckbreaker gets two for Slater and he tries to throw
Scotty to the floor but Scotty hangs on. The bulldog sets up the
Worm for the pin at 3:53.
D+. The match was nothing of
note but that wasn’t the point. Scotty is a fun character that
people remember fondly so it’s hard to complain much about him coming
in here to beat a jobber like Slater. There’s nothing wrong with
throwing out something like this once in awhile and the match was
vs. Ascension
and Jey start things off and for some reason Cameron tries to
headbutt him. Jey punches him down and it’s off to Jimmy who pounds
away in the corner. Cameron crotches him which Regal calls
“rupturing his custard.” I’ll never understand British people.
Off to Conor who stomps on Jimmy in the corner. The intensity
Ascension has is good stuff.
works on the arm for a bit before bringing Cameron back in. Off to a
chinlock which is quickly broken. Out of nowhere Ascension hits the
Downcast for two. I would have thought that was the ending. Off to
Jey who speeds things up and cleans house, hitting the running Umaga
attack in the corner for two. Jey goes up but Conor crotches
him…..and that’s a DQ at 4:35? Really?
C-. This was fine but the
ending was a bit puzzling. Since when has crotching someone been
called for a DQ? It’s a lame ending but maybe it’ll be advanced in
the future. With the talk of revamping the main roster’s tag
division, I’m hoping both of these teams get more time on the main
shows as they’re both talented.
gets beaten down post match with Total Elimination.
doesn’t want to talk.
and Camacho say they were sick when they lost to Dalton and Jordan.
Oh and Camacho lost his burro.
Diaz says the other Divas don’t get her and don’t get that she’s
making over NXT for their own good.
Rush Tournament Semi-Finals: Michael McGillicutty vs. Seth Rollins
winner faces Mahal for the title presumably next week. McGillicutty
goes after the arm to start but it doesn’t get him anywhere. They
chase each other to the floor with Rollins sliding into the ring and
kicking McGillicutty to the floor, followed by a suicide dive. Back
in and McGillicutty takes out Rollins’ knee and pounds away in the
corner. The fans all chant SHAH when McGillicutty hits him, ala Hack
Meyers in ECW.
take a break and come back with Rollins hitting a dropkick for two.
A splash misses McGillicutty in the corner so he hits a Saito Suplex
for two on Rollins. McGillicutty hits a snap belly to back suplex
for two. The McGillicutter is countered but he clubs Rollins down
with a single shot. McGillicutty loads up a superplex but Rollins
counters with an attempted sunset bomb out of the corner, only to get
punched in the face. Rollins gets up and hits a buckle bomb followed
by the Blackout (called the Stomp here for some reason) for the pin
at 7:46 shown of 10:16.
C+. Rollins still isn’t very
entertaining to watch but the fans seem to like him which is
important. McGillicutty seems to get smoother and smoother every
week he’s out there and hopefully he gets more time on the main
roster in the future. At least here he can get some ring time and a
chance to prove his talents to the higher ups.
Rollins vs. Mahal for the title. The other finalist comes out to
stare down Rollins but Dusty comes out to break up a fight. Mahal
jumps Rollins but gets knocked to the floor to end the show.
C. This was the weakest
show they’ve had so far and it was still fine. Based on what we’ve
seen here, I’m not sure who is going to win the title and I like
having that feeling. Rollins and Mahal have both been built up very
well and it’s hard to say which of them will win next week. As for
the rest of the show, it wasn’t bad but it felt like a throwaway show
this week, which isn’t a terrible thing. Not much to see here
overall but it was perfectly acceptable stuff.
Mahal b. Richie Steamboat – Camel Clutch
2 Hotty b. Heath Slater – Worm
b. Ascension via DQ when O’Brian crotched Jey on the top rope
Rollins b. Michael McGillicutty – Blackout
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