Three Hour Raw Drinking Game!

———- Tommy Wiseau from the blog here… Thought this might be a fun little exercise for the blog. Since it seemingly feels as if the WWE is turning into WCW everyday, I felt nostalgic and had a look at the DDTDigest and noticed their WCW drinking games and thought we could work out a modern one to help us get through these three hour Raws much like they did to get them through three hour Nitros… To start with the obvious stuff… – take a drink every time a match ends will a roll-up following a distraction by a guest commentator or a WWE SUPERSTAR coming out to the ramp (complete with theme music)
     – chug if the match has lasted less than 3 minutes.
– take a drink every time Michael Cole says VINTAGE
– take a drink every time a secondary champion loses a match
– take a drink every time two WWE SUPERSTARS who apparently cannot stand the sight of each other manage to talk to each other in the middle of the ring for a prolonged period of time.
– CHUG if a divas match goes off without a botch. You guys take it from here… ——————— Every video package of something that happened earlier in the show.