Steiners heel run in WWF?

Was just watching the Steiner Brothers final WWF televised tag match on Raw from April 1994, and it seems as if WWE was possibly teasing a heel turn for them. The Steiners are clearly not playing to the fans and are really aggressive, a point Vince makes on commentary throughout the match. Scott even attempts to slap the ref during the match.
They hadn't been on tv for close to 2 months before this  and were seen only 1 more time after this match, when Scott lost to IRS in a KOTR qualifying match on Superstars.
Was this a test run for a possible heel turn had they remained with the company?

They could have just been really pissy too that day, but Vince and everyone else in the world wanted to break them up and push Scott as a singles star so that could have been towards that goal.