Couple of blog questions

Really enjoyed the blog over this last year or so. Had these Q's in my head over the weekend, would like to hear your thoughts.
1) Invasion question I've always wanted to ask: Did the immediate popularity of Van Dam take Vince by surprise? I didn't read WON at the time, but after going back and watching some of the Raws and PPVs, many of his matches get the scripted "mixed reaction" commentary from JR, while Heyman has a heart-attack.
2) Did you ever review Rock's movie "Faster"? I DVR'd it a few weeks back, and l need to vent. Why did they waste Rock's great performance with that crappy screenplay? It was the kind of role that made Arnold the biggest movie star in the world: one-man ass-kicking machine with limited dialogue of one-liners. I can't believe Rock's agent didn't grab the screenplay and rip out the parts of the movie that Rock's not in and say, "Now here's your movie." Who cares about the assassin or Billy Bob Thornton or the supposed "twist?" Rock has a list of guys to kill, he kills them, saves Maggie Grace from somebody, bangs her, then kills the big bad. Apparently this is why I'm not a screenwriter….or a golfer.

1)  Yup, the Van Dam thing absolutely took everyone by surprise, which should be no surprise, if you know what I mean.  Vince totally discounted the whole ECW thing in general and probably didn't think one of Heyman's boys could actually draw.  I know there was a LOT of built in resentment against RVD from the general backstage populace right from the start.
2)  I never did see Faster, sadly.  Although as I said in my review of that last Steve Austin movie, they should make exactly the movie you're describing with Rock as the avenging hero and Steve Austin as the asshole villain.  It would be straight-to-DVD GOLD.