Family Guy

Hey Scott,
Not quite sure how I came about it, but I've recently been DVRing "Family Guy" re-runs on TBS and Cartoon Network (circa 2009-2011 or so), and I am a bit surprised how good I still found the show to be. I was an avid re-run viewer during its cancellation in those few years prior to 2005 when the show returned again, and I was even more a fan after the return. After a few years of the show's return I suppose I just got out of the habit, although I never felt that the show got stale or anything. Sure there have been some terrible eps over the years (all shows have them), but I'll be damned if even after 7 years back on the air a lot of these eps never fail to slay me. It's my understanding that it's become far more "cool" to hate on Family Guy these days, but outside of a handful of bad shows, I'm not getting the hate.
So, I know you were a fan because it's been well documented on the blog, but do you still watch? If not, is it more out of getting out of a habit or a show quality issue?

I don't watch the new ones anymore, no.  I have a bunch on DVR and watch them when I'm really starved for something to do, but at this point I'm pretty much just over the show.  It's not even quality so much as I'm just tired of the same bits and overdone jokes.  I think the Conway Twitty runs were what really killed it for me.