WWF reappearing?

Hey Scott – 
I've noticed a few instances on WWE.com where the "WWF" mentions and "WWF" scratch logos are not being blurred. 
Two examples are right here: http://www.wwe.com/videos/edge-and-christian-vs-dudley-boyz-vs-hardy-boyz-summerslam-2000-world-tag-team-c-26043587 AND http://www.wwe.com/videos/playlists/most-jaw-dropping-revelations (Greater power, Alliance forms and Rikishi's admission).
Is this just negligence on the company's part? Or do you think the WWF mentions will slowly be phasing their way back? Or am I just making a big deal out of nothing?

There's some weird legal stuff going on with the case and I don't know the details, but it seems like there was a time limit set on the restrictions and now they're slowly getting eased off again.  I didn't see anything about it in the last couple of Observers and I don't believe the actual judgment was ever released, but you're not the only one to notice this stuff happening.