TNA Intrigues Me!

So Austin Aries hangs onto the title, which is good because I've actually found myself getting invested in his title run, but I still like Roode and I think he's carried himself really well as a main eventer even after losing the belt.  Bound For Glory obviously needs to Roode-Storm in some form, but where does that leave Aries then?  I think the obvious choice would be Aries-Joe, if Joe is revealed as the leader of the Aces & Eights.  Either that or Bully Ray can finally get his title shot after winning the BFG tournament (again, with the help of the Aces) on a show where there's already a strong main event in Roode-Storm.  I think Aries-Joe is the next money match, though.  Joe as a gang leader just feels right to me.