Pointless PPVs (question for your blog)

Hey Scott, long time reader and supporter. Of all the PPVs you've seen over the years, what are some of the most pointless shows you've ever seen? For example, in my opinion, one of the first that comes to mind is Fully Loaded 1998. I know at this point the WWF (and WCW) had 1 PPV a month, but coming after the very good King Of The Ring show and Summerslam being the main show that everyone looked forward to that summer, Fully Loaded could've very well been another episode of Raw.

Oh, now that's an interesting question.  
A lot of NWO era stuff in WCW was pretty pointless, like Slamboree 97.  The Battlebowl PPVs were worthless.  The Starrcade with the Iron Man tournament (89) meant nothing.  The Robocop show was basically a placeholder.  More recently, whatever PPV had the HHH/Punk v. Miz/Truth tag match was so completely forgettable that I don't even remember what show it was.