Von Erichs In WWF

Hi Scott,

I'll skip the ten sentence butt-kissing and just say you rock like The State. Anyway, I found this video from 5/12/84 Wrestling Challenge and it's Vince Mcmahon discussing the Von Erich brothers Kerry, Kevin, and Mike. He mentions fans keeping an eye on them in the months ahead in the WWF. Any clue what this is about? 1984 was around the time I before I started learning about the different promotions, but I'm pretty sure World Class was operating at the time if Mike is mentioned as just debuting. So, why are they being advertised? This is now bugging me like a Lost season finale.

I know they did some one-off shots working MSG in the very early 80s (I think it was just one, come to think of it) back before World Class became a force, but I forget if Vince was trying to get them during the Hulkamania era.  I imagine the drug problems would have busted the deal during the due diligence stage, but other than that I'm drawing a blank.