Dolph Ziggler

Hi Scott,
In your opinion, is Ziggler quite ready for the main event yet? We can all agree he has the look, the wrestling ability, he's over, and his promo skills are getting there. However, is it just me or does something about him still scream mid carder? I don't think he's at the point yet where we can take him entirely seriously as a main eventer. Do you agree and if so, what do you think has to change? Maybe his feud with Y2J and whoever is next after that will change things. Right now however, in my eyes, his character is still a bit of a joke act and he needs to get serious to be taken serious at the level of Punk and Cena.

He has to be more serious to be at the level of the guy who makes poopie jokes and the other guy who wants ice cream bars?  Dolph was ready during the Edge feud in 2010 and they should have pulled the trigger on him a LONG time ago.  At a certain point you just have to DO IT already and see if it works.